Where To Dine In Ogden, Utah | 6 Top Ogden Restaurants

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Searching for the top restaurants in Ogden? Then you’ve arrived to the correct location!

Ogden has an interesting history as well as a diversified cuisine, craft beer, and coffee sector. The downtown area is within a 35-minute drive from Salt Lake City International Airport and serves as the entryway to the surrounding Wasatch Mountains’ great skiing.

Notorious Two-Bit Street and Electric Alley were two famous nicknames for the major roadway in the late 1800s. A guy may go up the avenue after getting off the train at Union Station for a shave, haircut, illicit liquor, or a lady of the evening. During the time, warring gangs and gunfights in the streets were so violent that tunnels beneath the road were built to securely convey products.

Since it was such a hazardous region, even Al Capone decided against starting a bootlegging enterprise.

Because of the economic collapse that occurred years ago when the First Transcontinental Railroad ceased operations, the business facades remain intact. The old structures have been given new vitality. Within the historic spaces, there are unique restaurants, bars, and contemporary stores, as well as the famous Union Station at the western end.

With the building of the railroad in 1869, it was commonly known that you couldn’t get anywhere without stopping at Ogden. The Spanish Colonial Revival structure (the third on the same site) now contains amazing art galleries and historical museums, giving the neighborhood a throwback air.

Ogden is brimming with creativity, with public art adorning many of the buildings and imaginative chefs incorporating local ingredients in their creations. The following are five must-try restaurants in Ogden, plus one additional in adjacent Huntsville, The Shooting Star. While in town, don’t miss Utah’s oldest operating bar.

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Ogden’s Top 6 Restaurants

The Shooting Star Saloon is a bar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

+1(801) 745-20027350 East 200 Street, Huntsville

The Shooting Star is a timeless classic that is within a 20-minute drive from downtown Ogden. It’s the west’s oldest continuously functioning saloon and well worth the short drive out of town.

One step inside and you’ll notice the tacky décor of taxidermy animal heads hung on the wall, including one of the owners’ favorite St. Bernards. Here, history is real. During prohibition, the original owner supplied liquor because word always got to him in time to put the wine away. When he was found serving on rare occasions, he spent the night in prison. While his absence, his wife serviced the devoted customers.

In memory of a beloved citizen who died, the ceiling is covered with dollar notes from all across the nation. The practice is supposed to have begun when Whiskey Joe returned from WWI with PTSD and was unable to return to a regular life at home. In Huntsville, he was considered like family, and when he died, someone scrawled his name on a dollar note and pinned it to the ceiling (which is still there) to memorialize him.

It was a way of saying, “We’ve got your back” while also taking care of our own. The custom has taken hold, and there is a large amount of money adorning the length of the institution. Regrettably, owing to the fire code, no more bills are permitted.

Visitors go long distances to enjoy a drink and a burger at this famed tavern. Two patties, a grilled Polish knockwurst, and melted cheese comprise the Greatest Damn Burger in the West. On a sesame seed bun, it’s topped with sautéed onions, mustard, ketchup, pickles, lettuce, and tomato, with a bag of Lays Potato chips on the side.

A bacon cheeseburger with one or two patties, a Mini-Star (one fewer patty than the Best Damn Burger), and a Star Dog are also available. With chips, the Star Dog is a grilled knockwurst with onions, tomatoes, and pickles. That’s all.

The beer is cool and the costs are low. All of this adds up to a nice evening with excellent friends in a piece of western history.

Mercantile Kaffe

+1(801)529-03761221 26th St.

Kaffe Mercantile is a coffee shop, breakfast spot, and country store all rolled into one. Breakfast pastries are prepared fresh everyday in-house, and gluten free and vegan choices are available. You can add milk (both vegan and conventional) to any hot beverage.

While you’re waiting for the expert barista to make your drink, browse the shelves for artisan items and paintings produced by local artists. Or, you may meet up with your friends at one of the caf tables.

The relaxing setting is ideal for a leisurely meal or grabbing a breakfast sandwich to go before hitting the winter ski runs (downhill or cross country). Breakfast sandwiches, bagels, quiche, egg scrambles, and avocado toast are among the hearty breakfast options. There are specials as well as a few lunch options.

Scones, muffins, cinnamon buns, and coffee cake are among the delightful delicacies. The lemon bars seemed to be enticing as well.

We went to Kaffe Merc (the locals call it) and had wonderfully made cappuccinos and lattes. The breakfast options were all cooked to order, such as my Morning Basic sandwich, which had an egg, cheese, spinach, tomato, and avocado. I went with a brioche bun, although there are other bread options.

The Italian quiche, which was loaded with vegetables, cheese, and sausage, was also fantastic. We were on the run, so we ate quickly and then headed to the slopes. But I wished I could have stayed and browsed the wonderful shop.

25th Hearth

+1 (801)399-0088195 25th St.

Hearth on 25 is a New American restaurant offering creative appetizers and main courses. The restaurant boasts a beautiful view of 25th Street and is a terrific place for a craft drink and appetizers or a romantic supper. The chef serves tasting meals that fluctuate with the seasons and what he can find locally.

We were seated at a circular table with a spinning turntable in the middle as a big party of six diners. This function was ideal since we purchased multiple appetizers before our meals.

Crisp, fresh French fries with fleur de sel and truffle aioli were irresistible. We also devoured a big charcuterie and cheese dish accompanied with handmade pickles and jams. The beef and cheese were purchased locally. The Yak meatballs with melted mozzarella were our favorite. I’d never eaten Yak before, and all I have to say is amazing!

The soft meatballs were wonderfully seasoned with herbs de Provence, and the light and flavorful tomato sauce complemented them well. Although all of the appetizers were wonderful, we preferred the meatballs.

I ordered the roasted pork in a spicy citrus broth with roasted veggies, Israeli couscous, and crispy chickpeas in a maple balsamic sauce as my main course. This meal featured a lot of different tastes and textures, yet they all worked together. The dish was generous, and the broth provided the warmth I needed on a chilly night in a western town.

The service was attentive, and their knowledge of the food contributed to a fantastic evening. This vibrant restaurant is recommended for its tasty, innovative cuisine and beverages. Reservations are suggested.

A Pig with a Jelly Jar

+1(801) 605-8400227 25th St.

Pig & A Jelly Jar is a hipster restaurant with a southern twist. It’s my sort of spot since they offer breakfast and lunch all day. As a brunch aficionado, I like the availability of lunch foods during breakfast.

The scratch-made meals created with local and organic products, as well as the funny pig art decorating the walls, are the restaurant’s greatest features. Everything is brand new, and it shows.

We went there early in the morning before a full day in Ogden, and I got one of their specialities, Chicken and Waffles.

The serving was large, and the waffle was both fluffy and crunchy. The fried chicken breast filled the whole waffle and was crunchy and not greasy. A fried egg was placed on top, and powdered sugar was strewn around the platter like freshly fallen snow.

This was the supper of a lifetime for me, and it was breakfast!

The other members of my group chose egg scrambles, three eggs over potatoes, red peppers, and onions with breakfast meat, or conventional eggs with potatoes and bacon, but the menu is extensive and filled with delicious options.

We all dove into the waffle, but it was all excellent, hot, and fresh. The coffee was hot and plenty. This tiny taste of pig nirvana was fantastic. That was an excellent breakfast stop.

Pizza Slackwater

+ (801) 399-0637209 24th St.

Slackwater is a pizza as well as a tavern. With their large and selected variety of beers, their objective is to extend the horizons of beer consumers while delivering seriously creative and excellent pizza, sandwiches, and calzones.

The location close to the Ogden River makes it an ideal venue for local beer and hot slices while listening to live music.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, the sandwiches, such as the Joe Pesci, are a great alternative. The Genoa Salami, capicola, pepperoni, and smoked provolone complete this Italian sub. Fresh romaine, pepperoncini, and a creamy herbed vinaigrette accompany the meat.

The appetizers are also excellent. Check Your Garlic Breath is my personal fave.

Roasted entire garlic heads are served with gorgonzola cream cheese spread, herbed crostini, and bruschetta. But, there are some wonderful alternatives, such as nachos and wings.

The pizza is innovative, and we enjoyed all of the different combinations. We decided on three to serve our large group. The Iron Horse, a traditional Margherita, and a buffalo chicken pie are all available. Each pie is somewhat bigger than a personal size, so get several if you have more than two individuals. The advantage is that you may sample a wide range of dishes on the menu.

If you don’t like what they’ve made, you can make your own pie using the variety of toppings. Although we enjoyed all of the pizzas we had, the Iron Horse was our clear favorite. The chewy dough was topped with pepperoni, herbed sausage, red onion, roasted red bell peppers, and a three-cheese mix.

We ate all of the pizza and drank the wonderful local craft beer that Ogden is renowned for. In Ogden, we had a piece of pizza nirvana.

Twenty-Fiveth Table

+ 1 (385) 244-1825195 Historic 25th Street, Suite 4.

This family-owned modern American Restaurant on historic 25th Street provides guests with a romantic, exquisite dining alternative right in the middle of the city. The white tablecloths, superb service, extensive wine selection, and delectable cuisine are all wonderful reasons to dine at Table Twenty-Five.

Our huge group was seated, and we tucked into a delicious array of appetizers. The mussels and frites, as well as the roasted Brussels sprouts to split, were delicious. The mussels were served in a large dish, floating in a chorizo, smoky paprika, and tomato beurre blanc sauce. While we rapidly gobbled the entrée, the crisp fries did not get mushy. The broth served as a flavorful ketchup.

We all enjoyed artisan cocktails, including my personal favorite, Rosemary’s Baby with Salt Flats. The combination of bourbon, honey, rosemary, and lemon was delicious.

Entrees ranged from handmade pastas and risotto to fish, chicken, pig, and beef. There were vegetarian options as well as casual handhelds like burgers and a fried chicken sandwich on the menu. Our group selected a variety from the menu, and we all commented on how good our selections were. The Wagyu Baseball Sirloin with fried fingerlings, brown butter, local mushrooms, and a black garlic barnaise was my choice.

I’ve had sirloin before, but this one was fantastic. Every component contributed to the ideal bite. The black garlic barnaise went nicely with the medium rare steak, making for a beautiful platter. The evening was spectacular from beginning to end and is a must-see for anybody visiting Ogden.

In my opinion, Ogden is a gourmet hidden treasure. I would gladly return to dine at the restaurants on and around 25th street, as well as explore some of the other unique enterprises in and around this wonderful town.

Which of these Ogden eateries are you going to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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