Where to Dine in Ostrava, Czech Republic | 10 Top Ostrava Restaurants

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During my stay in town for TBEX, I was blown away by the variety of eateries available in Ostrava. We discovered not just classic Czech cuisine, but also amazing burgers, Mexican, and even Asian selections. We also had a delicious brunch, something I didn’t see very frequently in the rest of the Czech Republic!

Top Restaurants in Ostrava


+420 776 008 053 Nmst Masarykovo 13

During TBEX, this became our go-to eatery. Radegastrovna is centrally situated, has a terrific modern-day pub vibe, and includes an open kitchen as well as huge communal tables that are perfect for groups.

We adored their menu, which included traditional Czech dishes like this goulash with herbed bread dumplings.

Radegastovna also provides dry-aged steaks and cosmopolitan food including burgers, chicken wings, and these nachos.

Of course, no bar would be complete without excellent beer, and there was enough to go around. These were served ice cold and as quickly as we could request them.


+420 737 616 368eskobratrsk 22eskobratrsk 22eskobratrsk 22esko

Pelmeki specializes on Russian-style dumplings. filled with pig or beef, topped with cream and dusted with dill and green onion. These were an excellent, substantial, and fast meal.

There are also sweet alternatives with berry jam and vegetarian options for the vegetarians in your company. If you want a heartier meal, I prefer their fried dumplings.

Boule za Uima Bistro

Tyrova 31 +420 724 903 899

The stunning, contemporary atmosphere of this cafe was the first thing that drew us in. We were even more delighted when the meal arrived at the table.

Anything from eggs Benedict to Croque Madame to frittatas, vegan alternatives, jalapeo burgers, vegetarian burgers, and lovely adaptations of local specialties like roasted duck leg with cabbage can be found here.

The menu is often refreshed, so there’s always something new to try. The staff was really polite and helpful as we made our meal selections. Definitely one of the greatest restaurants in Ostrava.

HogoFogo Bistro

+420 774 854 6656 +420 774 854 6656 Sokolsk tda 871

This became yet another favorite meeting spot for conference participants. Burgers (including two vegetarian choices), house-made soups, sandwiches, pasta, and even a massive T-bone steak served with purple gnocchi can be found here.

Check for their changing specialties, such as this bouillabaisse (seafood stew)

Alternatively, bao are steamed Asian buns stuffed with roasted pork.

Hotdogs, Burgers, and Fries from Mamas

Na Hradbch 1440 +420 737 049

Locals claim this restaurant to offer the greatest burgers in town. Choices include a triple cheese burger, a guacamole hot burger, and vegetarian alternatives. Several people believe that the handcrafted buns are what make their burgers so good.

Mamas also serves hot dogs, as the name suggests. Yet, they are primarily known for their burgers.

The MeryJane Bistro

Chelickho 531

MeryJanes serves one of the greatest breakfasts in Ostrava. Avocado toast, a typical full English breakfast, French toast with peanut butter and fruit, and handmade granola with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt are all on the menu.

MeryJanes isn’t only for breakfast; they also have a delicious lunch and supper menu, including grilled salmon with a shrimp ragout and potato, roasted beef with mashed potatoes, and more.

Local vineyards are included on their recognized wine list.

The Little Dialogue

+420 602 390 948 8 Chelickho

This hidden restaurant with several Belgian specialities was one of the greatest deals of all the Ostrava eateries we tested.

Taste their excellent homemade quiches.

or relax into a huge dish of steamed mussels with a drink.

A Belgian variation of meatloaf served with fries, a salad topped with roasted duck, and a monthly specialties menu are all available. But leave room for dessert; they’re famous for their molten chocolate cake.

Chef Mexicano

+420 601 117 115Zmeck 20

Mexican cuisine in Ostrava? That was our response as well. Comedor Mexicano, it turns out, produces a nice rendition of what I’d term Tex-Mex (rather than authentic Mexican food). Nonetheless, if you’re wanting Mexican cuisine, this will surely quench your need.

Ceviche, quesadillas, and enchiladas are available.

If you’re really hungry, go for the sizzling beef fajitas with all the typical accompaniments.

Comedor is also famous for its steaks and ribs. One thing I should highlight is that sluggish service seems to be a frequent issue, so this may not be the place to go if you need a fast meal.

In addition, find out where to get your coffee fix and the greatest artisan drinks in Ostrava.

formerly Boby

+420 555 222 309Ndran 47

Almost every local will agree that this is the greatest coffee in Ostrava. Everyone enjoyed the cheerful baristas’ cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and cortadas.

You may also pick from a variety of baked goods to go with your coffee.

Gustava, you

Tyrova 19 +420 774 938 384

U Gustava is a speakeasy with fifteen specialty cocktails. Furthermore, if you aren’t in the mood for anything from their famous cocktail list, they can gladly construct a drink for you on the spot. Just tell them your preferred taste profiles, and the trained team will create a cocktail that will not disappoint.

We enjoyed the speakeasy atmosphere. If you have a big company and want to sit together, don’t be deceived by the first little look as you go in; there is a second room beyond the curtain.

These were my favorite eateries in Ostrava! Which ones do you think are the most appealing? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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