Where to Dine in Poznan, Poland | 12 Top Poznan Restaurants

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Poznań has been a popular destination for those interested in seeing spectacular Renaissance architecture in a country that is less costly than many other regions of Europe. Anyone wondering where to eat in Poznań are in for a treat, as the city has some amazing food. Poznan restaurants provide a broad range of cuisines that are likely to satisfy everyone.

During my trip in Poland with JayWay Travel, who planned my visit, I had the opportunity to check out the Poznan restaurant scene for myself. JayWay is a specialist in the area of boutique travel for Eastern and Central Europe. Check them out if you’re planning your own trip.

Check out this list of my 12 favorite Poznan eateries, which range from gourmet dining to Polish comfort cuisine.

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12 Best Restaurants in Poznań


Zamkowa 4 // +48 61 850 14 90

Pastela, which is located in Poznan’s Old Square, delivers authentic Polish food produced from organic local products. Local items on the menu have been adapted through a contemporary viewpoint. We appreciated their pastries and lemonades, and my buddy raved about their chilly summer beet soup.

Its interior eating room has a warm but modern atmosphere. But, if feasible, try to reserve a table on their garden patio. It’s a nice setting for lunch or supper. There are also vegetarian and vegan choices available.


Kościuszki 84 // +48 61 226 78 65
Nestled within the basement loft of a town home, this cozy Poznan restaurant serves delicious brunch options every day. Almost everything I tried here exceeded my expectations—from the eggs Benedict to their fried eggs, in-house buns and even coffee.

Although we usually ate there for breakfast, Bo. also offers a delicious supper menu.

Nonetheless, due to the restaurant’s location and popularity, seating might be fairly restricted, particularly by mid-morning. Certain meals have also been known to sell out. Plan to come as early as possible if you want to taste their breakfast. Bo. is open from 8 a.m. on weekdays and 9:30 a.m. on weekends.

A Widelec Noz

Czechosłowacka 133 // +48 506 831 265

Although a little out of the way from the city center, this Poznan restaurant is a terrific spot to go for gourmet dining. A Noz Widelec, like the other restaurants on this list, delivers traditional Polish meals with a contemporary touch.

Its austere but beautiful setting complements their exquisite plating. The service and wine pairings were superb as well.

I recommend you try the pork chop with potato puree and fresh cucumber salad.
But save room for dessert! I heard good things about their chocolate balls and this dish featuring strawberries three ways and homemade puff pastry. 

Avocado Restaurant and Wine Bar

Dąbrowskiego 29 // +48 61 307 14 45

Avocado Restaurant & Wine is known for combining Polish and Asian cuisine. This results in some interesting and excellent foods. Despite its tiny size, its menu is excellently constructed. Therefore don’t be frightened to do anything daring.

I really liked their shrimp risotto.

And, maybe most importantly, on weekends, Avocado offers breakfast until 3 p.m. This makes it an excellent location to unwind or reminisce after a long night out.

Lastly, I’ve heard conflicting reviews concerning Avocado’s service timings. Hence, if you do want to visit this restaurant, make sure it is not during rush hour.

I discovered many of these restaurants on a walking food tour of the city that I took during my visit. If you would like to learn not only about local dishes but also the fascinating history of the city be sure to book a tour for yourself! You can find more details about the tour by visiting this link.

Blow Up Hall 5050

Kościuszki 42 // +48 500 161 671

Blow Up Hall 5050, housed inside a boutique hotel that was previously a brewery, is another excellent choice for those seeking a gourmet dining experience. This Poznan restaurant serves European cuisine with a basic menu centered on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Everything about this restaurant is polished, from the plating to the service and environment. The chef at Blow Up even won the fifth season of Poland’s version of Top Chef.

As many frequent readers may know, Ive always been a lover of tasting menus. They let me sample a little bit of whatever a location has to offer. This eatery is no different. They offer three tasting menus with several course selections and are well-known for their seafood specialties.


Ostrówek 12 // +48 61 448 54 28

Dynx is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to see Poznań, since it is located right over the Bishop Jordan Bridge from the city’s famed cathedral. Although they only offer a few items at a time, their lunch menu, which features contemporary Polish cuisine, changes daily. Keep an eye out for their risotto dishes when they debut on the menu.

The ever changing menu also features vegetarian options like these savory veggie crepes.

The staff is welcoming and eager to provide fantastic match ideas from their extensive wine collection. I thought the restaurant’s atmosphere and design to be both stylish and soothing.


Stary Rynek 64/65 // +48 604 697 044

Pod Niebieniem is a great place to dine in Poznań if you’re roaming about the city square and wondering someplace to eat. The restaurant’s cuisine aims to recreate and pay tribute to local Polish gastronomic traditions. Its tradition-served-fresh mentality results in some spectacular dinners steeped in the country’s grandeur and common culture. Their plating was likewise flawless, as shown below.

There are also vegetarian options on the menu, such as the dove of peace.

Remember to leave space for dessert! Chocolate lovers will like this double chocolate cake topped with a berry puree and dusted with sliced almonds.

Oskoma Food & Wine

9 Mickiewicza // +48 728 442 165

Oskoma is another excellent fine dining establishment worth visiting. Every week, the chef, who is also a past contestant on Poland’s Top Chef, creates a new seasonal cuisine based on what is fresh and locally accessible.

The restaurant offers a tasting menu as well as some excellent wine pairings. The meal tasted just as excellent as it looked, and the setting was stunning.

The crispy grilled fish with pan roasted cauliflower and herbed potatoes is one of my favorites.

Despite the fact that this is a fine dining restaurant, the costs were reasonable. I will undoubtedly return.

Kuchnia Wandy

76 Święty Marcin // +48 531 318 399

Kuchnia Wandy, located only a few streets from the Grand Theatre, is a great place to get inexpensive yet wonderful food. The restaurant prepares its own pastries and bread, which it utilizes to create some of the best sandwiches in town. They are open all day, making this a wonderful spot for brunch.

Menu items include some genuine delights, such the duck, pig loin and some outstanding dessert selections.

Have a look at this meal of beef cheeks with oyster mushrooms. The plating is stunning!

Be aware that the menu at Kuchnia Wandy is only available in Polish. But don’t worry, the staff is patient, pleasant, and eager to assist.

Autentyk Kuchnia I Ludzie

Grunwaldzka 248 // +48 666 400 419

Autentyk, another popular Poznan restaurant, has received praise across Poland. The chef, a Poznan native, creates a seasonal cuisine based on what’s fresh and local.

This restaurant is a terrific spot to gather with friends for dinner or meet someone for lunch since it has outstanding service, an amazing wine selection, and a warm ambiance.

Prices are mid range ($7-20 USD). They open daily at noon.

Wiejskie Jadło

Stary Rynek 77 // +48 61 853 66 00

Wiejskie Jado, one of Poznan’s best-rated restaurants, serves classic Polish comfort cuisine. This restaurant, located just off the city’s main plaza, was an excellent location to stop for a bite to eat while exploring the town.

This breaded pork cutlet with potatoes and cabbage was quite tasty.

Nonetheless, I had heard good things about their other specialties, such as the sauerkraut soup and dumplings.

The rates were fair, the personnel was kind and helpful, and the beer was delicious. I have no criticisms.

A word of warning: this eatery is rather tiny. Moreover, since it is so popular, finding a table may sometimes be difficult. Be careful to include in this probable delay in your plans.

Brovaria Pub

Stary Rynek 73-74 // +48 61 858 68 68

The brewery is situated in the middle of Poznań, giving it an ideal location for an enjoyable evening with friends. restaurant This establishment

Brovaria’s gourmet menu combines regional and European cuisine to complement whatever is on tap.

This corn-fed chicken with koryciski cheese is one of my favorites.

Yet, their grilled pig and beef tenderloins looked delectable as well.

Brovarias’ in-house produced beers include a honey beer, a pilsner, a wheat ale, and rotating seasonal alternatives such as the Vermont IPA and coffee stout. It’s well worth spending an evening trying them all.

I suggest reserving a table in their old basement room if one is available. The exposed brick and soft lighting will make for a pleasant evening.


Which of these Poznan restaurants do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!


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