Where to Dine in Rockland, Maine | The 13 Best Rockland Maine Restaurants

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Rockland, Maine is a charming hamlet set in the heart of Maine, only a short drive down the road from Portland. Rockland is a tiny town with a close-knit community of family and friends that has a lot to offer.

Rockland, Maine has a lot to offer, including a variety of fantastic restaurants with terrific cuisine and pleasant service.

These are the top 13 restaurants in Rockland, Maine for you to try.

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The 13 Best Restaurants in Rockland, Maine

Restaurant of First Class

|| +1 207-596-0770

Stop in and enjoy a delectable dinner made by Chef Kelly, winner of the 2013 James Beard Foundation Award and the Express Best Chef: Northeast Award. Primo’s dining customers enjoy a delightful farm-to-table experience that is unrivaled.

Enjoy a variety of cuisines while also supporting a restaurant that helps the economy. They utilize only the freshest local foods and leave no waste, instead putting it to good use.

Primos is an elegant restaurant with small portions that might be a little pricey but are well worth the money.

The Pier’s Archers

+1 207-594-2435 || 58 Ocean Street

Archers on the Pier, located immediately on the waterfront, serves fresh fish. Their menu features a variety of unique and flavorful foods originating from the heart of Maine. Take in the breathtaking vista of the lake. You may even get to hear some local jazz if you arrive at the proper time.

Archers is a locally owned company, and the owner, Lynn Archer, is still very active in the day-to-day operations as well as customer service. When you eat at Archers, you will undoubtedly feel at ease. Even on a budget, you may have a terrific view and a great vista at Archers.

Caf Rockland

+1 207-596-7556 || 441 Main Street

When you eat at Rockland Caf, you become a friend regardless of where you are from or where you are going.

Rockland Caf is famous for its consistently fresh lobster rolls and award-winning prime rib. You will not be disappointed by their delectable seafood chowder.

Since 1992, the Rockland Caf has been family-owned and operated in the heart of downtown Rockland. Every day, this small Maine caf serves fresh fish. This little cafe is one of the most reasonably priced eateries in town.

In Excellent Company

+1 207-593-9110 || 415 Main Street

In Good Company, a local favorite, offers a gourmet supper and the opportunity to sample the restaurant’s delectable offerings.

Gather around a table with wine, food, and company. Good Company obtains as many of its components as possible from local sources.

Enjoy an expensive lunch in a friendly and casual setting. They provide cuisines from a range of nations.

Oh, and don’t forget about dessert! Don’t be misled by the description; the menu items are reasonably priced.

Brass Compass Cafe

305 Main Street || Phone: +1 207-596-5960

If you’re passing through town and want to stop for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, stop by the Brass Compass Caf, one of the greatest family eateries around. This quaint tiny cafe provides fast selections, the greatest coffee, and a range of food at reasonable pricing to satisfy your hunger.

You should arrive early since they only offer breakfast and lunch. This caf, on the other hand, is comfortable, inviting, and family-friendly. This eatery is also reasonably priced and easily accessible.


+1 207-596-6661 ext. 606 || 2 Park Drive

Eclipse is the ideal place to sit and dine, drink, and just enjoy the ambience. You may choose from a broad variety of ordinary American comfort meals or a classic seafood supper prepared by their skilled culinary team that will not disappoint you.

Visit for lunch or supper, but be sure to visit on a day other than Tuesday or Wednesday, since they are closed on those days. This is a family-friendly destination with a lot to offer. They are inexpensive and welcoming.

Hills Seafood Company Inc.

|| +1 207-593-8400

While you’re on the coast, it’s a given that you’ll want to check out the greatest seafood restaurants Maine has to offer, and Hills Seafood Co definitely falls into that category. This charming restaurant and bar is run by a family. Their purpose is to provide families with a fun and tasty seafood supper in a comfortable setting.

Fresh seafood meals may be enjoyed in a family-friendly atmosphere without breaking the wallet. This tiny jewel will pleasantly surprise you. Hills Seafood Co is a seasonal business that is closed during the winter.

Sushi Bar Suzuki

+1 207-596-7447 || 419 Main Street

If you like seafood and ethnic cuisine, you simply cannot pass up the Suzuki Sushi bar, which serves fish with a twist known as sushi. Its sushi materials are obtained locally and include only the freshest fish.

Suzuki Sushi Bar is only available for supper from Wednesday through Saturday, so plan accordingly. This vibrant eatery also accepts reservations. Several of their dishes are inspired by what is in season at the moment.

Apart from sushi, Suzuki Sushi Bar provides a variety of delectable seafood selections, as well as noodles, salads, and other dishes.


+1 207-594-0015 || 315 S Main Street

This genuine Italian restaurant in Rockland, Maine, is a gastronomic joy. Rustica serves varied Italian cuisine, including handcrafted pasta and delectable entrees that will leave you completely satiated. This family-owned firm utilizes fresh ingredients and creates as many items by hand as possible.

Rustica strikes the ideal blend between eccentric and genuine. They have been designated the area’s Best of the Best for Italian food. They are pleasantly friendly and fairly priced, with a diverse menu to select from.

Don’t miss out on their assortment of wines, beers, and a fully equipped bar. Our restaurant is welcoming and open all year.

Caf Home Kitchen

650 Main Street || Phone: +1 207-596-2449

Home Kitchen Caf is a bright and cheerful destination for breakfast and lunch. They are well-known for their delectable baked products, which are always produced from scratch. They also provide a variety of additional breakfast and lunch menu options.

This sunny stop will not disappoint you with its bread and sweets, sandwiches and subs, and a variety of selections in between. Yankee Magazine Editors Choice named Home Kitchen Caf the Best Breakfast in New England in 2014.

This ideal tiny cafe is open all year with variable hours depending on the season.

Waterworks Dining Room

|| +1 207-596-2753

Go no farther than Waterworks Restaurant for the ideal neighborhood stop for some fish and chips. Waterworks is a modest bar that offers American cuisine, bistro meals, and seafood.

This is a welcoming and cozy wood-planked structure with red-brick walls, with a relaxing mood and an excellent food and environment. This family-friendly bar offers meals all year.

Don’t forget to come in for happy hour and enjoy your favorite items at a great price.

Restaurant The Landings

1 Commercial St || +1 207-594-3011

The Landings Restaurant, another of the greatest seafood restaurants in the area, is a waterfront dining choice in a two-story facility with plenty of space to welcome everyone in for a fantastic lunch. They offer excellent views of the river from many of their sitting choices, and the meal and ambience are just unbeatable.

From appetizers to entrée to desserts, the local cuisine caught by local fisherman that the Landings restaurant serves will not disappoint. The Landings offers a range of menu selections that are often altered dependent on the season and the availability of certain seafood items.

An wide and airy family-friendly eatery couldn’t be more welcoming or lovely.

Sammy’s Premium

488 Main St || +1 207-466-9059

You never know what you’ll discover at Sammys Deluxe, but you can always bet on a tasty dinner that’s well worth it. The cuisine at Sammys Deluxe is both humorous and distinctive, as well as excellent.

The menu changes often to keep things interesting, but there is always something for everyone. Sammys dishes will make you feel like you’re at an elite restaurant when you’re truly at an economical family eating establishment.

Sammy takes bookings, but walk-ins are always welcome. A diverse cuisine is available at all hours, as is a comprehensive drink menu.

Whatever your interests are, the picturesque town of Rockland, Maine offers a range of restaurants open at all hours to welcome its guests and local populace. Several of the eateries have varied hours, and others are seasonal, but there is certain to be a good answer among the possibilities.

We’ve included the top 13 restaurants in Rockland, Maine, but know that this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of diversity and quality. Rockland, Maine has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking for real seafood, a romantic supper, or a nice family environment.

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This neighborhood is well-known for its charm and seafood, but there are so many more possibilities, and each of the eateries have their own distinct diversity and offers. You just cannot go wrong with whomever you choose.

Likewise, I suggest visiting Rockland during The North Atlantic Blues Festival, an annual two-day event that is one of the most renowned on the East Coast. It’s a celebration of the greatest in R&B, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll music. This event draws guests from all around the globe and has a reputation for selling out rapidly. You will undoubtedly like it!

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Which of these Rockland, Maine eateries piques your interest the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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