Where to Dine in Sacramento, CA | 26 Top Sacramento Restaurants

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Sacramento, California, has a great cuisine culture that is expanding year after year as the city evolves. As a consequence, there is a diverse range of cuisines to select from.

I like eating at these Sacramento eateries for a variety of reasons. For starters, there is a terrific selection of cuisine, ranging from world-class sushi to delicious fried chicken.

Generally, I stick to my preferred genres, although Ive been more experimental over the past several years. The majority of these Sacramento eateries are in downtown Sacramento, so even if you’re just passing through, you may stop for a snack.

These ten top Sacramento eateries are spread throughout many areas, from Old Sacramento to Midtown, and should not be overlooked.

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Sacramento’s Top 26 Restaurants


Sacramento, CA +19168578200730 K St

This restaurant, once known as Solomons Delicatessen, is housed in a historic Tower Records building and now provides internationally influenced delicacies such as Sapporo fried chicken sandwiches with sunomono.

This deli serves some of the greatest pastrami in town while remaining loyal to its original premise as a delicatessen.

Most of the surrounding neighborhood was deserted during the COVID period, but this restaurant named after tower Records founder Russ Solomon is still active. On weekends, take advantage of the outdoor disco brunch, which includes DJs and lots of patio seating.

Vegan Bambi Tacos

Sacramento, CA +191694299931725 I St

If you’ve lived in Sacramento for any length of time, you’ve probably had a crispy, oily, and weirdly Parmesan-dusted taco from Jimboys.

Bambi Vegan Tacos, a former food truck that has evolved into a brick-and-mortar establishment in downtown, serves a vegan version of the taco with crimini mushrooms as the meat. I believe it is superior than the original.

A creamy cheese and bean dip, a taco similar to Taco Bell with a refrigerated bean-lined flour tortilla, and an artichoke-filled take on a vegan tuna melt are all on their entirely vegan menu. People who eat plant-based foods go crazy!

Fat Frank

Sacramento, CA +19164427092806 L St

There isn’t much more legendary in Sacramento cuisine than a Franks Style New York steak with oyster sauce and onions, followed by banana cream pie for dessert.

Since 1939, the restaurant has been a hub of political activity and a link between Chinese and American cuisines.

Honey Walnut Prawns, Saigon Crispy Chicken, and the delectable Shrimp Fried Rice are among their dishes.

Being the oldest restaurant in Sacramento, it has seen war, recessions, and even the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Waterman

Sacramento, CA +191649898912000 Capitol Ave

Chef Rick Mahan and his team championed this approach long before Sacramento was dubbed the Farm-to-Fork Capital of America.

Seasonally oriented meals include local foods like housemade strozzapreti with lamb produced in neighboring Dixon and mixed grills of pig loin farmed in Llano Seco.

This is one of the few Sacramento restaurants famous for its sautéed sweetbreads with bacon, mushrooms, and capers.


+191645757371401 Sacramento 28th St

Paragarys, located in Midtown, is an unpretentious restaurant and bar that has been dishing up superb meals for almost 30 years.

The atmosphere is relaxed, warm, and romantic, with exposed brick walls, hardwood flooring, and wine bottle racks.

The cuisine at Paragarys is internationally inspired, including everything from pasta to seafood meals.

Its menu features some of Sacramento’s most dependable classics, such as Sonoma duck breast and an excellent pork osso buco.


Sacramento, CA +191673776992031 S St

Christopher Barnum-Dann, the chef-owner of Localis, will provide you with a dining experience, with prix-fixe dishes centered on locally sourced seasonal fruit.

When you dine here, you can interact with the cooks in the kitchen as they create your cuisine and have a front-row seat to all the activity. I certainly did!

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Localis is an unforgettable experience. Locally produced and sourced ingredients are utilized to make one-of-a-kind meals that alter seasonally owing to an internal wood-burning oven.

A prix-fixe meal emphasizing sustainable foods and fresh vegetables is available.

Soul Kitchen Fixins

Sacramento, CA +191699976853428 3rd Ave

According to Sacramento residents, South has the greatest fried chicken in town. Fixins, the Oak Park soul cuisine restaurant launched by former NBA great and Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, should not be missed.

Fixins’ fried chicken, sweet candied yams, and smokey collard greens compensate for its lack of indie flair.

Fixins serves flaky biscuits with pink strawberry buttery and a variety of whimsical beverages laced with Kool-Aid.

Bacon with butter

Sacramento, +191634644455913 Broadway

Bacon & Butter is more than simply a restaurant. Breakfast and brunch don’t get much better than this, particularly when it comes with sizzling hot booyah coffee, Sacramento’s own local brew.

Start your day with fried chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, or a hearty breakfast sandwich, and end it with red velvet pancakes.

Its tempting lunch menu also includes a broad selection of sandwiches, salads, and meaty mains that are ideal for pre-dinner snacks for those with greater appetites. They’re famous for their chocolate chip cookies, so make space for those.

Last, don’t forget about the Kitchen Sink. It’s made with crispy lardons and potatoes, mushroom, cheese, and onions, and two freshly cooked eggs.

Restaurant Lalos

+191673623895063 Sacramento 24th St

Lalos Restaurant is a prominent Mexican restaurant in Sacramento.

If you like Mexican cuisine, try the quesadillas with huitlacoche (corn smut), Cubana tortas, birria, and other foods that offer a sense of Mexico City to the 916 area code.

Taco Tuesday also includes $1 tacos washed down with fresh aguas. If you want to enjoy luscious tongue tacos or head tacos, this is the place to go.

Toris House

Sacramento, CA +191664660381525 Grand Ave

This shack, dubbed “the tiny eatery with the great heart,” delivers some of Sacramento’s finest soul cuisine.

They offer their skillet cornbread with every combination meal, a delectable delicacy that pairs well with fried chicken, red snapper, riblets, or pork chops.

To really taste Toris Place, dip their cornbread into their gumbo, which has a spicy and relaxing undertone. This stew is loaded with shrimp, chicken, and sausage, making it a filling meal that will cling to your ribs. If you had to choose a stew restaurant from the Sacramento eateries on this list, this would be it.

Restaurant Kitchen

Sacramento, CA +191656871712225 Hurley Way

This establishment is well-known for its delicious oysters, roast beef, and halibut. They also provide wonderful chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and chocolate cookies.

You must taste their house wine, artisan beer, or scotch when you visit The Kitchen Restaurant. Excellent tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are also available.

It is the ideal location for an anniversary, wedding, or birthday celebration. This location is welcoming and provides outstanding service. Also, it is an excellent location for great eating.

Kru | Modern Japanese Cuisine

Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento +191655115593135

Krus’ menu includes fresh fish from across the globe, as well as things obtained locally and sustainably.

While Kru is famous for its sushi, the restaurant also features a full bar and a big selection of sake.

They provide sliced nigiri and sashimi, as well as small meals such grilled corn with miso butter and tea-smoked duck kushiyaki.

You’ll appreciate eating at this trendy restaurant with black walls, a banquette, and white tablecloths, but make appointments ahead of time since Kru does not allow walk-ins.

The Tower Caf

+191644102221518 Sacramento’s Broadway.

The Tower Café, located adjacent to the Tower Theater in the old Tower Records location, is one of Sacramento’s traditional destinations. Next to Huevos Rancheros, there’s an eclectic cuisine including Thai green curry and jambalaya.

The outside garden serves some of the greatest food in town. Saturday brunch isn’t for everyone, unless you like standing in line.

When it comes to seasonal products, French toast is a necessity. Tower’s hallmark dish has been a custardy baguette topped in seasonal fruit compote for years; others have replicated it, but none have done it as well as Tower. Lunch and supper options include salmon curry, crab cakes, and Brazilian chicken salad.

Restaurant South

Sacramento, +191638297222005 11th St

It’s tough not to consider South to be the main competitor in Sacramento’s epic fried chicken battles. Apart from the delicious chicken, this mom-and-pop store near Southside Park has rapidly become a Sacramento institution, serving barbecue platters, Creole-style linguine, and one of the greatest burgers in town.

Come here for wonderful cuisine and a spot to unwind after a long tour around the Lady of Guadalupe Church. You’ll love the southern fried chicken, fried chicken sandwiches, and shrimp poboys served here.

Sweet potato pie, biscuits, and banana pudding are all available. I highly urge that you sample their delectable wine, draft beer, or gin.


Sacramento, CA +191644273703440 C St

Orphan is one of the few Sacramento eateries with healthy breakfast selections, so that’s where I spend my mornings.

The cuisine is mostly vegetarian and vegan, and it’s simple yet good, with occasional Latin tastes. But, I must warn you that there may be crowds, particularly on weekends. Allow additional time to locate on-street parking since the area is tiny yet busy.

This cafe serves tamales, perfectly cooked bacon, and rosemary potatoes. The banana pancake, blueberry pancake, and French toast are popular choices among visitors.

The bitter, Mimosas, or wine keep you returning to Orphan. Try ice tea, black coffee, and iced coffee as well.

The rinsing

Sacramento, CA +191644174631801 L St #40

Cheese is one of my favorite foods, so having a restaurant that focuses just on cheese is a welcome addition to the Sacramento culinary scene. There are other cheese board varieties, such as mac & cheese with lobster and grilled cheese with mango chili jam.

All of these cheeses go wonderfully with their broad beer and wine options. Surprisingly, the eatery also has vegan alternatives. Nonetheless, the restaurant is often packed, so plan your visit accordingly.

Their cheesecakes, grilled mango, and chocolate mousse are all delicious. They also provide delicious Merlot, craft beer, and draft beer. Lemonade, coffee, and juice are among popular beverages in this area.

Bacon with butter

Sacramento, +191634644455913 Broadway

Bacon & Butter is a farm-to-table restaurant that focuses on organic and locally sourced ingredients. The most delectable and inventive breakfasts may be found right here.

Their staff here works with local and organic farmers that rear their animals and cultivate their goods without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

I suggest their Cali Burrito, which has an egg, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, jalapenos, and onions, as well as their Bacon Melt on a ciabatta bread.

There were no manufactured items here, so everything seemed really fresh and handmade. The dish was a tad heavy for me, but it was delicious. Absolutely a hidden treasure among Sacramento eateries.

Caf Magpie

+191645275941601, Sacramento 16th St

The Magpie Café is a bustling downtown Sacramento restaurant that promotes California’s passion, tradition, and natural beauty. The finest of the region’s cuisine, combined with vivacious drinks and really timeless musicthat never gets old.

Menu items include sunchokes with fennel slaw and gourmet mac & cheese with Brussels sprouts and bacon, as well as drinks and a fine wine selection focusing on Northern California wines.

Try the clams and fries with fennel and saffron broth, the Banh Mi, and the soup with excellent bread.

Our chef also prepares delicious white chocolate mousse, cookies, and waffles. This restaurant is perfect for folks who need to eat quickly since they can get meals to go.

The Grange Restaurant and Bar

Sacramento, CA +19164472700926 J St

Farm-to-fork chef Oliver Ridgeway elevates the concept by referencing all of the local farms and shopping at farmers markets for seasonal dishes.

Grange is a wonderful, historic place near downtown that serves excellent cuisine and beverages. Based on what’s on the menu, the server may make some suggestions.

The Grange Restaurant & Bar serves delicious gnocchi, avocado toast, and fish. Customers often highlight the delicious beignets, vanilla ice cream, and egg waffles available here.

This pub also serves a glass of prosecco, artisan beer, and whiskey.

Bodega Espanola Aioli

Sacramento, CA +191644794401800 L St

If you’re craving Mediterranean or Spanish food, Aioli Bodega Espanola is a good option.

This restaurant is worth visiting because of the delicious lamb skewers, calamari, and Spanish tapas. In addition, they offer delicious almond cakes, chocolate mousse, and flans.

From their beverages menu, this restaurant serves exquisite Spanish wine, Sangria, or white wine. A good cup of coffee goes nicely with a good lunch. Bring your sweetie to this romantic-themed pub.

Masullo Pizzeria

Riverside Boulevard, Sacramento, CA +191644389292711

I like this Land Park neighborhood restaurant because I enjoy basic, clean Italian meals. The restaurant provides Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza and salads created with fresh ingredients cultivated by friends.

This restaurant serves superb Italian food prepared by a talented chef. Ordering properly cooked meatballs, Neapolitan pizza, and pasta with white sauce is a terrific idea.

Additionally, the greatest desserts include ginger ice cream, mint chocolate chip, and mint chocolate. Delicious Moscatel wine, beer, and margaritas are on the menu.

Because of its handy location, this pizza is simple to locate! A must-see among Sacramento eateries!

Italian Table & Bar OBO

Sacramento, CA +191682287203145 Folsom Blvd

I love Italian cuisine, and the food here does not disappoint. OBO serves a wide range of hot and cold food, as well as wood-fired pizzas, which may be purchased at the counter. A $25 supper and bottle of wine for two is also available at OBOs.

If you want to try something different, the Italian food here will appeal to you. Some of their greatest offerings are Margherita pizza, wedge salads, and pasta carbonara.

You can get fantastic tiramisu, profiteroles, and lemon pie here. Delicious marsala, artisan beer, and amaretto are also available at this eatery.

Basil Thai

Sacramento, CA +191644276902431 J St

I’ve been going here for years for Thai cuisine, and it’s always been my favorite Sacramento restaurant. Since the herbs and sauces aren’t too thick, the dish tastes extremely fresh.

My favorites here are the spicy eggplant, the fish curry special, and the children’s dishes.

Experience Thai food. This restaurant offers delectable Thai chicken curry and green curry, as well as perfectly cooked salads.

Besides from delicious grilled pineapple, you can also enjoy ginger ice cream and coconut flans. You may also order tasty beverages like mango mojitos, mint mojitos, or White Russians.

Ladder and Hook

Sacramento, CA +191644248851630 S St

One of my favorite eateries in Sacramento. The whole menu is delicious, but I generally come for the calm and excellent happy hour. They also offer Fieldwork beer, which is fantastic!

Here you may get delicious octopus as well as pizza salads and pesto pizzas. If you visit this bar, try their delicious pancakes, brioche toasts, and fruitcakes.

It features a broad wine selection that can accommodate all tourists. Guests may also enjoy a range of delectable coffee, lemonade, and juice.

A must-try is their mixed green salad (which varies seasonally), as well as their handmade pasta and decadent desserts.

Grilling Zinfandel

Fair Oaks Boulevard, Sacramento, +191648571002384

Zinfandel Restaurant has been a Sacramento staple since it opened in the late 1990s. Where feasible, ingredients found locally are utilized to produce American food.

This eatery on Fair Oaks Boulevard does not utilize any bright colors. Instead, cool hues and dark wood create a calm atmosphere. This kind of setting is ideal for lengthy meal sessions.

The cuisine varies seasonally and includes anything from beef to crimini mushrooms. Zinfandel Grille also provides pasta, ravioli, and pasta dishes with handmade sauces in addition to wood-fired pizzas.

In addition to the usual menu, they provide a pre-dinner menu and gluten-free meals.



Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento +191653864345215

This exquisite Italian restaurant debuted in East Sacramento in 2018. This restaurant has an outstanding wine tower with hanging pendant lights.

Green dining chairs that are both stylish and comfy draw attention and encourage diners to remain a long. Allora is known for its high-end seafood cuisine, with equal focus on appearance and flavor.

The fettuccine lobster, prawns pancetta in a tomato parma rosa, and Carne Cruda, which is tartufata, garlic bread, egg, and bitter greens, are just a few of the amazing menu items. Delicious!

There are also vegan and vegetarian choices, like as their wonderful gnocchi leeks with arugula, romanesco, cauliflower, and pecorino romano.

Their native ingredients bring out the tastes of Italy. And their worldwide wines draw visitors from all over the globe to Sacramento.

Summary of the Top 26 Sacramento Restaurants

Despite all of the upheavals of recent years, the neighborhood has astonished with its global diversity of cuisines and eating choices, from low-key mom-and-pop businesses to fine-dining restaurants with Michelin ambitions.

It has a diverse eating scene that includes everything from tacos de Cabeza to Chinese dumplings, Ethiopian stews, and Italian comfort dishes.

These 26 Sacramento eateries offer a cross-section of the city’s lasting food culture, a compilation of notable locales.

Which of these Sacramento eateries will you try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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