Where to Dine in Shreveport Louisiana | 10 Greatest Shreveport Restaurants

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Shreveport is renowned as the Crossroads of Louisiana, but have you ever paused to think how this city is also the crossroads of the culinary world? Shreveport, being close on the Mississippi River, has some ideal real estate for eateries.

With so many various varieties of food to explore, it’s often impossible to decide which one to try. But, Shreveport restaurants are all that wonderful.

It may surprise you to learn that Shreveport-Bossier City has had a gastronomic revolution in recent years.

There are many new chefs and restaurateurs that are thinking outside the box and developing a contemporary style of food that can be combined with some fascinating craft beers, wines, and other beverages.

Whether you want to celebrate a special event or just unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the city, go no further than the finest restaurants in the Shreveport-Bossier City region.

Shreveport’s restaurants, chefs, and cuisine have long been exceptional. A couple of their local establishments could compete with any restaurant in the globe. Many, though, are fighting for their lives as a result of the coronavirus.

There are lots of local establishments ready to give you lunch, supper, or a snack if you need it. You may have never visited any of these locations before.

Shreveport’s Top 10 Restaurants

Marilynn’s Residence

+131886830044041 Fern Ave., Shreveport, Louisiana

Marilynn’s Place gives brunch a whole new meaning. The cuisine is fantastic, the restaurant is pet-friendly, and the drinks are endless. In Shreveport, this is the place to be.

The incredible cuisine combinations were breathtaking, and I could have eaten every thing on the menu. I, on the other hand, couldn’t (I’m still working my way up), so I ate some red beans, rice, and shrimp, as well as grits from a friend’s breakfast.

They were all fantastic! Spare space for the beignets, which come with a powdered sugar coating and a strawberry dipping sauce.

Hello, Mexico.

+131886159413839 Shreveport, Gilbert Dr.

I had no clue what kind of gourmet food awaited us inside as I drove into the parking lot. There is nothing like the Mexican meal made by Ki Mexico, which includes some healthy eating.

Rodrigo and his brother produce a fantastic meal as well as a lively environment.

The guacamole (with sunflower seeds! ), veggie Tortuga salad, and flan with warm apple bourbon sauce topped with candied nuts were my favorites. I was blown away.

Genuine Barbecue and More

Fairfield Ave., Shreveport, +131867037305863

Nothing beats slow-cooked ribs (or chicken, turkey, or hog), and Chef Harvey prepares them great! He is a skilled Chicago-style griller at his restaurant, Real BBQ and More, and everything he served was delicious.

Although he continues heaping on the food, his charisma and hunger may light up the night. He featured in Guy Fieri’s LA Kitchen and Culture episode, a Food Network classic.

The brisket and rib tips are the major courses, and they are delicious. My favorite Now & Later Fries were covered with ooey-gooey macaroni and cheese and stuffed with brisket, beef tips, sausage, turkey, and chicken.

Taceaux de Parish

+13186265999708 Texan Street in Shreveport

Parish Taceaux is a colorful, creative restaurant in downtown Shreveport that serves really tasty tacos.

There are Louisiana Catfish Tacos, Avocado Fries (which I could eat my weight in), Chorizo and Pimento Cheese Quesadillas, and Alabama Barbecue Chicken tacos to select from (with a banging buttermilk bacon slaw).

I began with Queso Dip and Guacamole, both of which are quite addicting. Do you want a handcrafted margarita or cocktail? Look no farther; they’ve arrived! Your taste senses will thrill when you dine at Parish. My taste buds certainly did.

Twisted Root Burger Co. is a company that makes burgers.

+131886864108690 Line Ave., Shreveport, Louisiana

Twisted Root has locations around Texas, as well as one in Shreveport, Louisiana. Twisted Root’s relaxed eating setting makes it a perfect hangout for family and friends.

If you’re feeling experimental, try the wagyu beef burger, or the vagabond veggie burger if you’re looking for something healthier.

image image twisted image

When you make your order, you will be given the name of a famous person rather as an order number. It’s funny to see who they pair everyone with!

If you want superb take-out delivered to your hotel, this is a terrific choice.

The Tiger Who Is Blind

+13182268747120 Texas St., Shreveport, Louisiana

The Blind Tiger is one of the eateries you must visit when in Shreveport. It’s a nice spot to go for a relaxed lunch or supper and eat some delicious meals. Plus, if you like sports, they offer a fantastic range of daily drink deals.

The service is excellent, and there are hundreds of screens to ensure that you never miss your favorite sports team.

Cajun and soul cuisine are popular in Shreveport and Bossier City. The Blind Tiger serves blackened fish and a few Cajun delicacies.

Since the hotel is on the Red River, various downtown hotels and casinos are just a short walk away.

This is the place to go if you want fantastic meals and a spot to enjoy happy hour! My particular favorites are the po-boy and the gumbo.

Excellent Bar & Grill

+192078367076123 Line Ave., Shreveport, Louisiana

If you’re seeking for the top restaurants in Bossier City and Shreveport, don’t miss this one! There is also a Superior Steakhouse (fine dining experience), but make sure your GPS is pointing to the correct spot since these are two distinct restaurants.

The restaurant delivers some of Shreveport’s greatest Mexican cuisine, but it’s most renowned for its amazing margaritas.

People from all across Louisiana and East Texas will flock to the restaurant on Friday and Saturday evenings to enjoy a cool margarita and great music.

If you want to come on the weekend, contact ahead to find out how long the wait will be.

Shreveport’s Kims Seafood & Po-Boy

Shreveport, Louisiana +131886624484456 Youree Dr.

For a number of reasons, Kims Seafood is regarded as one of the top seafood restaurants in north Louisiana. Kims makes guests happy all year long with their boiling crawfish during the season and crawfish eggrolls all year.

If you’re seeking for seafood, you won’t find a finer poboy or higher quality than Kim’s.

Kims is without a doubt the greatest seafood restaurant in north Louisiana and one of the best in Shreveport. It’s not only the cuisine; the service is also excellent, courteous, and quick.

I’m talking about ordering takeout for lunch, getting seated within minutes, and having my meal put in front of me less than five minutes later.

If it is a very busy time of day, you may have to wait, but the staff will keep you aware of how long it may take until your order is completed. They also offer loyalty cards, so if you are a regular visitor, they will reward your loyalty.


+131842427241833 Pierre Ave., Shreveport, Louisiana

Visiting Herby Ks is like taking a step back in time. Herby began as a family package shop before expanding into a restaurant in 1936. Herby Ks has always offered fish and other delights to devoted customers.

Get the Shrimp Buster with the unique sauce if you go. This meal has been available since 1945.

Herby Ks is one of the greatest Shreveport restaurants because of its lengthy history and welcoming environment. Yet, since it is more of a seafood restaurant than a steakhouse, it does not get the same kind of attention as others.

Even though I had been there previously, it had been many years, so I had to return to see what the cuisine was like and to experience this famed restaurant once again.

Strawns Eatery

+13188680634125 Kings Highway, Shreveport, Louisiana

The Strawns Food Shop is certain about their icebox pie being the finest in town. After you try it, you’ll realize why this dessert is absolute magic.

The menu includes breakfast items, burgers, sandwiches, and specials, but the pie will have you going back for more.

There’s no doubting that Strawns Strawberry Pie is one of the key reasons it’s been labeled Shreveport’s most famous restaurant!

The Top 10 Restaurants in Shreveport

If you prefer eating out, you’ll appreciate this list of the greatest Shreveport restaurants. Shreveport-Bossier City has a diversified mix of restaurants serving a number of cuisines.

The list’s most popular cuisine were barbeque, seafood, Italian, and Vietnamese dishes.

These eateries have been highlighted in local media as well as on national television programs. Yet, their popularity has not gone unnoticed by locals, who come for more than just a taste.

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