Where to Dine in Vancouver, Washington | 4 Great Vancouver WA Restaurants

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Restaurants in the Washington city of Vancouver are now part of a booming culinary scene. There is a second Vancouver, and it may be located in the United States. Many people only know Vancouver, Canada, which bears the same name as the metropolis in the United States.

With the completion of the new waterfront, Vancouver, Washington has emerged from the shadow of the larger city on the other side of the Columbia River as a destination in its own right. Visitors go to the downtown and coastal areas to drink wine, eat wonderful cuisine, and stroll along kilometers of walking paths.

These five Vancouver, Washington restaurants are among my favorites. There is a wide range of tastes accessible, so something will appeal to the great majority of people’s preferences. You may try them for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner! You will almost certainly recognize this point.

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4 Must-Try Restaurants in Vancouver, WA

American Grill WildFin

Waterfront Way, Suite 101, 360-718-7701777

WildFin, one of the most recent additions to the Vancouver Waterfront and already a local favorite, serves sustainable seafood from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, as well as steaks, chicken, burgers, and sandwiches.

The variety of seafood available is astounding. Salmon, halibut, snow crab, scallops, mahi-mahi, cod, and scampi are among the options. Idaho trout is also on the menu. Steaks, chicken, and hamburgers are all available.

A vast assortment of appetizers is also available. To accompany your meal, choose from a broad range of Oregon and Washington wines and artisan brews. Growlers to Go are also available.

Enjoy the garlic prawns appetizer, which includes big White Pacific Prawns in a wonderful garlic cream sauce, as well as artichoke hearts and tomatoes. Cubes of rosemary potato bread are offered to accompany the sauce. Scrumptious.

The Mixed Seafood Grill is a popular choice for an entrée. It is one of the top seafood restaurants in Vancouver WA, serving scallops, prawns, and Alaska salmon seasoned with lemon garlic vermouth butter and avocado basil lime Verde.

Indoor and outdoor seating is available. The waterfront vistas and crisp maritime air contribute to the ambience. There is also a huge window behind the bar that can be opened to let in some fresh sea air.

WildFin collaborates with Smart Catch, a James Beard Foundation initiative that encourages sustainable seafood. With so much of the world’s waterways under threat from overfishing, this is critical for our planet’s long-term existence. The Smart Catch logo so distinguishes establishments that sell ecologically friendly seafood harvested or produced.

Tasting Room at Maryhill Winery

The phone number is 360-450-6211801 Waterfront Way, #105 A.

Maryhill Vineyards has become a popular for wine tasting and small nibbles for wine experts and small plate lovers. Maryhill serves delicious meals, award-winning wines, and stunning views of the waterfront.

The cuisine is ideal for lunch or a light dinner and includes charcuterie boards, salads, sandwiches, and a range of seafood such as prawns, clams, and crab. Spicy olive mix and Marcona almonds are examples of finger foods.

The Dungeness crab cakes and Mediterranean sizzling prawns are two of my faves. The crab cakes are without a doubt the best I’ve ever had. They melt in your tongue because to their thick crab filling, light coating, and lemon aioli. Suddenly we heard the sizzle of Mediterranean prawns as they approached our table. The shrimp are prepared in Maryhill white wine and served with olives and lemon as a visual feast. These are well done.

The tasting facility includes both indoor and outdoor seats and overlooks the harbor.

Maryhill is a wine tasting place where you may learn about Washington wines. They get their grapes from all throughout the state. The soil varies greatly, which influences the flavor of the grapes. The wine steward is very knowledgable and provides context for each bottle in the flight. Maryhill Vineyards has earned multiple distinctions, including PNW Winery of the Year.

Memberships are available if you are interested. Make a reservation at the Cool Club, Taste of Maryhill, or Premium Club. Each has various advantages. Maryhill also has discounts on Memorial Day (their birthday) and Thanksgiving.

Grays Bar and Restaurant

301 W 6th St, 360-828-4343Hilton Vancouver

The chef at Greys serves some wonderful meals utilizing products from local farms and gardens only minutes away from the sea. Swing by after visiting the Farmers Market, which is just a block away.

The menu includes foods such as beef, chicken, fish, and pig.

Little dishes, whether for lunch or supper, are my favorite.

Begin with a delectable soup, such as the soup of the day or a fantastic deep-dish onion soup topped with gruyere. Little servings of seafood include molten crab dip, blackened prawns, and grilled scallops. With baguette and chickpea crackers, the molten crab dip with artichokes, mushrooms, and cheese is presented.

My personal favorite are the charred prawns. Pacific white prawns are served on a bed of cheddar potato cake and greens, with a roasted butternut cream sauce on top. Seared scallops are very popular among seafood lovers. This meal began as a Valentine’s Day special and has since evolved into one of the restaurant’s hallmark dishes. A broad assortment of locally brewed beer and wine is also available.

Try out the interesting salads and vegetables as well. Fresh meals appear, full of unexpected delights. A delightful meal with roasted baby carrots and a sauce of Greek yogurt, honey, sumac, and pistachios. Salads that are both visually appealing and delicious. Pickled beets, Caracas oranges, and candied walnuts on top of frise lettuce provide a wow factor!

If you like steak, try one of the Natural Northwest Steaks at 1600°F, which provide top sirloin, New York, rib eye, or tenderloin.

Greys, located in the Vancouver downtown Hilton, has a range of sitting choices, including indoor seats facing the picturesque Esther Short Park, terrace seating, and private dining rooms accommodating 12 to 18 people. A bar menu and happy hour deals are also available.

Thai Orchid Cuisine

360-695-7786233 W 11th St.

Thai Orchid, also in the downtown core, has long been a beloved location to dine in Vancouver, WA. The family-owned business has been a Thai culinary mainstay for over 15 years. They take pride in offering fresh and genuine Thai cuisine.

The vast menu includes appetizers, soups, salads, stir-frys, curry dishes, noodles, and classic Thai meals such as pad Thai, Gai E-San (Thai style grilled chicken), and Pla Tod Rad Prik (Thai style fried rice) (shrimp). Spring rolls, salad rolls, fried wontons, vegetable tempura, calamari fries, and prawns are among the appetizers.

Soup with seafood in coconut milk. Pad Thai is one of my favorite dishes: chicken, shrimp, tofu, onions, bean sprouts, and rice noodles in Pad Thai sauce, topped with ground peanuts. shellfish in a hot sweet and sour soup) or Tom Kha (meat of your choice) Try Tom Yum (choice of meat) in the soup area.

Check out the a-la-cart sushi menu, which includes squid, salmon roe with quail eggs, tuna, octopus, red snapper, and eel. In addition, there is a huge assortment of house custom maki: sushi rolls split into 6-8 pieces. A popular roll is the caterpillar roll, which has cucumber, crab, avocado wrapped in salmon, and tuna. Spicy mayo and sweet sauce are used as toppings.

There is so much to pick from that you may need to return multiple times!

The atmosphere is casual and welcoming to families. Thai Orchid also provides catering as well as a private party space. The happy hour is well-received!

Which of these Vancouver WA restaurants do you wish to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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The atmosphere is casual and welcoming to families. Thai Orchid also provides catering as well as a private party space. The happy hour is well-received!


What is Vancouver famous food?

Japadog, B.C. rolls, Salmon Candy, Spot Prawns, West Coast Oysters, Dungeness Crab, Chinese Cuisine, and Dim Sum are some of Vancouver’s well-known dishes.

What is Vancouver Washington known for?

Apart from being easily accessible, its prominent position on the Columbia River means it boasts lovely vistas and rich soil ideal for vineyards. Vancouver, WA is also worth a visit due of its charming downtown district, which is packed with stores, restaurants, breweries, and pubs.

What is unique about Vancouver WA?

Until it died at the age of 194, Vancouver was home to Washington’s oldest apple tree. This tree, planted in 1826, is regarded as the “great grandpa” of the Washington State apple industry. Esther Short Park, the community core, is the West’s oldest public plaza.

Is Vancouver a foodie city?

Vancouver is a foodie paradise, with an abundance of Asian-inspired cuisines, Pacific Northwest seafood, and Canadian delicacies. The city’s and the city’s melting pot of cultural influences are defined by food.

Is food expensive in Vancouver?

The cost of food has risen in recent years, with the monthly average hovering around $360. This excludes alcohol and cigarettes. Eating out and ordering takeout will, of course, cost you extra. The typical cost varies substantially depending on how often you dine out and your restaurant preferences.

What is Bill Gates favorite restaurant?

Ivar’s Salmon House is Bill Gates’ favorite restaurant.

What restaurant is worth the most?

In 2022, Starbucks and McDonald’s remained the most valuable restaurant brands in the world. Starbucks, according to the source, was valued at over 45 billion US dollars, with McDonald’s lagging behind at around 40 billion.

What to order when you don’t know what to eat?

Homemade queso with tortilla chips.
Eggs on toast or on the side.
Omelet – highly adaptable to anything you have in the fridge!
Grilled cheese and soup…. Cereal…. One-pan dishes with rice, chicken, and vegetables.
Pasta with pesto.
Additional information…•May 27, 2020

What makes Vancouver popular?

Although Vancouver is not the capital of British Columbia, it is by far the most visited. With its various natural landscapes, intriguing history, and highly sought-after real estate, Vancouver has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

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