Where to Dine in Warsaw, Poland | 17 Top Warsaw Restaurants

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Warsaw restaurants provide eating experiences as diverse as the Polish city. You’ll never be far from a wonderful location to dine whether you visit the city to learn about Poland’s rich history or to see the gorgeous baroque or Renaissance era buildings. Go no farther than this list for recommendations on places to dine in Warsaw.

Traditional Polish fare, trendy fine dining, and genuine Italian, Greek, and Thai cuisine are all available at these 17 restaurants. I had the opportunity to taste many of them when visiting Warsaw with JayWay Travel, who organised my trip. JayWay is an industry specialist that specializes in boutique travel for Eastern and Central Europe. Check them out while you’re getting ready to arrange your own trip.

When in Warsaw, don’t miss out on the following activities that will let you immerse yourself in the city (get them while they’re hot!):

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  • Warsaw Pub Crawl with Free Drinks
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  • Warsaw Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw

Flaki Pyzy Gorae

Brzeska 29 +48 606 294 49931

The name of this Warsaw restaurant comes from the excellent Polish pastry it offers. Pyzy is a traditional meat or potato-stuffed dumpling meal. Pyzy Flaki Gorae serves its dumplings in glass jars, which I thought was a wonderful touch and added to the homely vibe of the restaurant.

Nevertheless, dumplings are not the only thing served here. Pyzy Flaki Gorae has become well-known for its true traditional Polish cuisine. The restaurant is often visited by locals (usually a good hint that it is the finest nearby), but visitors like it as well.

Themenufeatures both seasonal and year-round foods. The restaurant itself provided both nice inside and outside patio dining for warm and bright days. Pyzy opens at 12:00 for lunch.


+48 22 635 35 35witojaska 2 +48 22 635 35 35witojaska 2

Polka, another Warsaw restaurant, is nestled inside a historic structure in one corner of Old Town and is a terrific spot to experience real Polish food. When you go into this restaurant, you know exactly what to expect: great quality, exceptional service, and cuisine in a pleasant, comfortable environment.

While I was looking through the menu, many excellent meals grabbed my attention, notably this fillet of wild boar with a gooseberry pie, greens, and a mushroom sauce. That tasted just as good as it looked.

But, save roomfordessert. Our mascarpone berry cheesecake, served with a vanilla sauce, was delicious.

Polka is open from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. everyday. It’s a nice location to stop for lunch while touring the town or to spend an evening with friends.

The Rotisserie

+48 22 531 60 70 12 Kocielna

LaRotisserie, one of Warsaw’s top fine-dining establishments, is housed inside the Mamaison hotel. As many frequent readers are aware, I have a penchant for tasting menus, and this restaurant provides a fantastic Sunday dinner that matches their five-course tasting menu, which I sampled. I really liked the fish dishes.

The restaurant also employs a sommelier champion from Poland, which shows in the precise wine pairings given with the tasting menu. The service was excellent, and as you can see, the plating is pretty artistic.

The roasted lamb or royal pigeon looked fairly good for anyone wishing for something more substantial than what was given as part of their tasting menu. You can’t go wrong with whatever you order here.


+48 22 628 38 30 Mokotowska, age 48

Alewino originated as a wine store, not a restaurant, and their passion on wine is evident in their wine list, which is more than 250 bottles long! This outstanding assortment is enhanced by the list’s emphasis on small and rising producers and distributors. They wish to conduct business with people who share their enthusiasm for wine.

Alewines love of taste and quality extends to their food. Their meals are produced with the freshest local and regional ingredients and vary with the seasons to take advantage of whatever is in season and tasty at the moment.

I ordered the beef cheeks with brussel sprouts, and I was not disappointed.

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday, with supper exclusively on Mondays. Reservations are highly advised.

Amaro Studio

Agrykola 1 +48 22 628 57 47

Atelier Amaro is a Warsaw restaurant known for its rendition of traditional Polish cuisine in a genuinely one-of-a-kind fine dining experience. The restaurant provides a variety of multi-course menu selections. Each meal is dubbed a “moment” by the chef and owner, and each of these moments is designed to deliver a memorable and unparalleled culinary experience.

I chose the 9-course tasting menu, which includes this pigeon, beetroot, and juniper moment, when I dined there.

The presentation, as you can see, leaves little to be desired. All of the ingredients used in this meal, as well as all of the dishes served at Atelier Amaro, are local and seasonal. There are also vegan and vegetarian options.

Reservations are required for this restaurant due to its popularity. Being a fine-dining establishment, you can expect to pay a premium.

Basil & Lime

+4822 126 126 19 43 Puawska 27

If you have a hankering for Asian cuisine, Basiland Lime is one of the top Thai restaurants in Warsaw. They provide changing lunch specialties such as curry and noodle meals, vegetarian alternatives, and Thai classics such as pad thai.

Chef Big is a Thai ex-pat whose passion to traditional Thai dishes has garnered Basil and Lime accolades from Thailand’s trade department. The Thai Choice award is given to worldwide Thai establishments.

Although the meal was great and truly struck the spot, it was a touch costly for Warsaw. The restaurant serves lunch and supper everyday (though on Sundays their doors dont open until 1 pm). Finally, I’ve heard that service here may be sluggish at times, so make sure your plans for after lunch or evening are flexible.

Sushi Izumi

Several Places

Izumi Sushi is a one-of-a-kind Warsaw restaurant serving traditional Japanese sushi as well as delectable fusion cuisine. They seek to encourage guests to learn more about Japanese culture by delivering wonderful Japanese food. If you’re unsure what to get, I suggest the sashimi.

Izumi Sushi’s success in Warsaw has led to the establishment of six outlets across the city. At one, you may even eat your sushi while surrounded by palm palms in a groomed jungle-like setting.

Reservations are necessary, but they are well worth the effort. Lastly, I’ve heard that service may be a little sluggish at times, so keep that in mind. But I can assure you that the cuisine is definitely worth the wait.

Mandala Klub

+48 22 891 06 19 Plater Emilii 9

Klub Mandala, tucked away from the main drag, is one of Warsaw’s greatest Indian eateries. They provide all of the staples, like as naan, curries, and delectable cream sauces.

The cuisine is spicy to varying degrees, and the quantities are huge yet shared if you want a lighter lunch. But, their menu includes so many excellent alternatives that you and your dining companion may have difficulty deciding what to share.

They feature both indoor and outdoor dining, as well as live music on occasion. Available everyday at 12:00 for lunch, their pricing are somewhat more than some of the other lunch options on our list. Still, I want to return.

Vasovie, Larc

+48 519 000 050 16 Puawska

Although being a little out of the way from the city center, Larc Vasovie provides some of Warsaw’s tastiest seafood. This French-style restaurant provides exceptional service and a genuine environment. The wait staff was kind and eager to provide suggestions based on our preferences.

While they may be pricey, I suggest going on Sundays when they provide an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet for 119z ($32 USD). Whilst it may be more expensive than you would pay elsewhere, you can’t match that price for endless seafood!

Look out these roasted prawns with garlic and parsley.

Other delicacies include fish soup, octopus stew, lobster, and several delectable desserts. Monday through Saturday at 10 a.m., and Sundays at 11 a.m.

Maka and Woda

Chmielna, +48 22 505 91 8713a

Warsaw isn’t renowned for its Italian cuisine, but it should be. Maka I Woda, located in Warsaw’s city center, delivers excellently created classic Italian meals such as handmade pasta and Neapolitan pizza.

Their cuisine combines traditional Italian flavors with the finest local and seasonal sources. The resulting tastes and textures will not disappoint.

Moreover, the open layout of this restaurant enables you to see them create your dish and roast it in their wood-burning pizza oven. Seeing the chefs at work was nearly as enjoyable as the dish itself.

Due of its popularity and prominent location, this establishment may become rather crowded in the nights. Prepare to wait for a table, but keep in mind that the service is excellent and the line moves rapidly.


Opaczewska 43

Meltemi is the most genuine Greek restaurant in Warsaw that I’ve tasted. Their traditional Greek cuisine include some wonderful seafood meals. But, this restaurant’s devotion to Greek food and culture does not stop with the menu. No, the uniquely Greek ambiance makes their food much more appealing. At the end, I wouldn’t blame you for believing you’d stumbled from a few hundred kilometers closer to the Mediterranean.

While everything on the menu looked excellent, I suggest the braised lamb or shrimp. You just cannot go wrong.

Meltimi is conveniently located in the heart of Warsaw. Costs per person vary between $20 and $25 USD. They open at noon every day, and the dish sizes aren’t overly large, making them an excellent lunch place for people out exploring the city.

Tel Aviv Food & Wine

28Poznaska 11 +48 22 621 11

Vegan visitors and Warsaw’s vegan community have both given Tel Aviv Food and Wine great ratings. Nonetheless, their food is so delicious and well-prepared that many non-vegans and vegetarians endorse it as the go-to destination for Israeli cuisine. They provide the greatest falafel in Warsaw, in my view. We tried their vegan tasting menu and were pleasantly surprised.

These pastries have developed a popularity in Warsaw. These are entirely vegan and free of sugar, gluten, and lactose. Have a look at this strawberry-beet chia pudding.

The cuisine is enhanced by the outstanding presentation, service, and environment. Even their wine and beer selections impressed me. I will undoubtedly return.


Olandrw 8 +48 570 205 746

MOD is a fashionable, famous ramen restaurant that has gained popularity among both residents and tourists. Despite it seems tiny from its quiet side street, the restaurant is conveniently placed inside Warsaw and a terrific spot to spend lunch or supper when out on the town.

There are vegetarian alternatives on the menu, but I chose the ramen and was pleasantly delighted by the tastes.

Make space for dessert; their legendary doughnuts certainly lived up to the promise. They also offer coffee and open at 10 a.m., making this a fantastic spot for an early lunch.


+48 600 861 961Nowogrodzka 31, Poland

N31, located in the core of the Polish capital, is one of the top fine dining restaurants in Poland. Chef Robert Sowa has built a reputation for creating high-quality Polish meals with international flair.

Their 7-course tasting menu includes this roasted fish with potato dumplings and crème fraiche.

As you can see, the plating, like the service, was well performed. Our waitress spent time explaining each meal. N31’s décor and mood are likewise meticulously designed. The contemporary, formal environment appealed to me.

This restaurant is quite popular, and reservations are highly advised. As an added bonus, this is one of the city’s most reasonably priced high-end eateries. Although the costs are somewhat more than at less formal establishments, they are not as high as at numerous other fine dining establishments on our list.

Café Nabo

+48 22 842 02 56Zakrt 8

Nabo Café prepares Scandanavian-inspired cuisine using fresh ingredients. A local daily just dubbed the restaurant “eatery of the year,” and it’s simple to understand why. Their seasonal cuisine focuses on salmon, herring, and mackerel, but they also offer a delicious gourmet burger. I tried their renowned goat cheese, raspberry, pear, and hazelnut salad.

Apart from wonderful meals, their wine selection is fairly broad for a more casual setting. Children and pets are welcome. Open everyday at 10 a.m., the service might be inconsistent at times, but the cuisine is always delicious.

Mexican restaurant El Popo

Senatorska 27 +48 22 827 23 40

El Popo is the go-to Warsaw restaurant for anyone seeking something from south of the border, even if it isn’t the most genuine Mexican cuisine. The personnel is responsive and helpful, and the ambiance is nice. The fajitas and margaritas were excellent. There’s even live mariachi music!


28Ujazdowskie +48 22 629 06

Rusiko is the go-to Georgian restaurant in Warsaw. They provide classic Georgian dishes with well complemented Georgian wines. The service was kind and efficient, and the quiet yet welcome atmosphere allowed for an enjoyable evening of discussion.

Here is a terrific spot to enjoy classic Georgian meals like khinkali or the crowd-pleaser khatchapuri. This cheese-filled bread dish is a must-try!

Which of these Warsaw eateries do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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