Where to Dine in Zagreb, Croatia | 11 Top Zagreb Restaurants

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Croatia has long been known as a popular tourist destination. Its capital, Zagreb, has just lately become popular with visitors. The history and cultural traditions of this city are rich and magnificent, but what many tourists are surprised by is the bustling culinary scene. Zagreb restaurants are presently having a moment, and you can now discover not just traditional Croatian meals, but also foreign alternatives.

When it comes to dining options, there are many to choose from, ranging from exquisite restaurants to internationally recognized fast-food businesses. Given of the variety, it’s a good idea to receive some solid recommendations for eateries in Zagreb from a local (yours truly). Clearly, it all depends on your choices, so we’ll do our best to cover all of the major categories. Continue reading and ready to be pleasantly surprised.

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Zagreb’s Best Affordable Eating


+385 1 4813 394 4 Skalinska ul.

Nokturno is a restaurant in the centre of the city, on Skalinska street, which runs perpendicular to Tkalieva street, the major route for pubs and cafés in the area. They feature a rather diverse menu, ranging from pizza and various types of pasta to burgers, pork and fish meals.

A meal here will cost you between five and six euros on average, which isnt bad given you are at a prime position, near to the cathedral and many other key landmarks.

Due of the location and the cost, the venue is usually rather packed, particularly when the tourist season starts, therefore scheduling a table ahead of time is advisable. With good reason, this is certainly one of the most popular Zagreb eateries.


Nikole Tesle 7Ul. +385 1 4811 446

If youre not feeling like sitting down and would simply want to grab yourself a fast and economical bite to eat, Pingvin is THE location for budget dining.

Pingvin is simply a kiosk where you can get some incredibly excellent sandwiches with a variety of various toppings. Fried meat, grilled meat, black bread, white toast, ham, prosciutto, and much more are available. Moreover, costs start at less than three euros, which is unquestionably a steal.

Locals like visiting it in the evening after a night out in the city center, and the fact that it has been open for over three decades speaks for itself.

The Finest Pizza in Zagreb

Oro-Goro Pizza

Ul. Marije Juri Zagorke 25 +385 49 284 785

When it comes to the greatest Zagreb restaurants, you won’t find Oro-Goro in many other dining guides. This is due to the fact that it is located in Oroslavje, a tiny town approximately 20 kilometers north of Zagreb. It takes between 30 and 45 minutes to get there, but believe me when I say the pizzas are worth every second of the journey.

First and foremost, their pizzas are enormous. You’ve probably never seen a pizza this big before. Secondly, they come with a plethora of toppings, so carefully review the menu.

True, they have spaghetti and risotto, but the pizzas are the major attraction and the reason why people in Zagreb go to this superb pizzeria every weekend.

Chello Pizza Pizzeria

+385 1 3875 555 14 Kaljska ul.

If you don’t have a vehicle or don’t want to go out of town but still want to eat pizza, try going to Pizzeria Chello. Yeah, it’s on the outskirts of town, but buses and trams should bring you there in no time.

The trek will be worthwhile since this pizzeria specializes in deep dish pizza with a dizzying choice of various toppings. One is even packed with minced beef, cheese, and other delectable ingredients. The dough is thick and chewy, which is essential considering the amount of toppings on them. Their pizzas are normally designed for at least two people, so you won’t be left wanting more after you’re through.

A terrific beer variety is certainly a significant advantage, and the comfortable ambience simply puts it all together. When you simply want to relax and unwind with your pals, this is the place to go.

Zagreb Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

If you don’t eat meat and prefer something vegetarian (or even vegan), there are lots of fantastic places to dine in Zagreb for those who do.

The Green Point

+385 99 457 0100 10 Varavska ul.

Green Point is a terrific alternative for those seeking for delicious vegetarian meals. Seitan, hemp, and tofu are the major stars here, with (cheese)burgers being fashioned out of them.

Vegan foods are available, so you’ll have a lot of options here. Salads, pastas, and tortilla wraps, as well as many more vegetarian options, are offered.

Green Point specializes on healthy fast cuisine, making it excellent if you’re visiting the city center and need a quick lunch before moving on to the next site. This restaurant is located on Varavska street, near to the main plaza.

Bio Bistro Zrno

+385 1 4847 540 20 Medulieva ul.

Vegans can visit Zrno Bio Bistro, a first-of-its-kind organic vegan restaurant that sources its ingredients from its own eco-friendly farm. Every morning, groceries are brought to the restaurant, ensuring that you are constantly enjoying meals made from the freshest ingredients.

Their falafel is to die for, and their cream soups are equally delicious.

Zrno even has its own bakery, so you can be sure anything you eat here will be 100% original and legit. Zrno Bio Bistro is without a doubt Zagreb’s top vegan restaurant.


400Vlaka ul. +385 1 4649

Vegan restaurant with over 20 years of expertise. Apart from these two, Vegehop needs to be acknowledged since it is another good vegetarian option.

Vegehop’s daily menu includes moussakas, lasagnas, tortillas, whole grain pasta, fresh salads, and many more options.

Vegehop’s sweets are created with natural sweeteners such as agave syrup, brown cane sugar, and dried fruit, and they also provide raw food and gluten-free alternatives.

So here’s a pro tip: even if a restaurant doesn’t specialize on vegan or vegetarian cuisine, read the menu carefully. Several restaurants in the city center provide such items in addition to their usual menu in order to accommodate as many customers as possible in the congested city center.

Zagreb’s Best Burger

Suddenly, several burger places started cropping up all throughout the city. And it’s almost as if they’re competing to see who can make the best burger. To be honest, it’s tough to come up with a poor one.


Several Places

My particular favorite is Submarine, which has multiple restaurants around Zagreb, two of which are in the city center one in Frankopanska street, the other in Bogovieva.

Their burgers are juicy, and their buns are wonderful, but it’s the way they create their fries with black sausage, BBQ sauce, and cheese on top that has won me over!

They also provide a good assortment of Croatian craft beers (another hot field of business here these days), so you can precisely compliment your drink.


+385 1 4820 80010 Zagreb Gajeva ulica

Brewbites is a large sports pub with outstanding burgers and ribs and multiple Televisions showing a different sporting event on each of them. Visitors often visit here, and if you do, you will not be disappointed. The Jaw Distortion (double patties with bacon, cheddar and Gouda cheese, and caramelized onions) and the Brewbites bacon (double bacon) are two of their burgers.

Local and international celebrities might be found here as well. Samuel L. Jackson paid us a visit!

Burgers are also served at The Burger Bar, Burgeraj, and Garden Brewery in Zagreb.

Fine Eating In Zagreb


297Ul. popa Dukljanina +385 1 4844 297Ul. popa Dukljanina 1

Noel, Zagreb’s first and so far only Michelin-starred restaurant, is an institution with a highly contemporary atmosphere and relaxing lighting that allows you to completely experience the very best modern Croatian food has to offer.

Of course, only high-quality products are utilized here, but the wine list is particularly noteworthy. Michelin inspectors hailed it as “outstanding,” so you should definitely try what they have to offer here, particularly because you can pick from French, Italian, and Croatian wines (go for Croatian wines if you havent tried them yet, youll be very pleasantly surprised).

Noel offers a weekly menu as well as four and seven course meals, and the sommelier will help you match each one with the proper wine. Fine cuisine at its finest!

Dubravkin said

+385 1 4834 975 Dubravkin inserted 2

But don’t believe that’s the only place to go for good eating in the area. Oh no, there are several good eateries. Dubravkin put, a restaurant in the center of Zagreb’s old town, is one such establishment. So aside from enjoying amazing cuisine and environment, you will get to walk some pretty beautiful neighborhoods before you seat down.

The atmosphere is especially strong in the evening. Dubravkin put earned a reputation for itself as an excellent fish restaurant, but they extended their menu to include many other foods over time.

Yet seafood still reigns supreme, and when you combine that with a fantastic wine list, you get an experience that can only be described as heavenly.

With their diversity and typically great quality, selecting the finest Zagreb restaurant is a difficult challenge. Noel stands out since it is the only one with a Michelin star, but don’t let that stop you from visiting the rest of the city. Foodies will be in heaven here.

One more thing before we leave: Croats like bakeries! Thus, if you don’t want to sit down but need a fast snack, go to a pekara (occasionally pekarnica) and select from a variety of sweet and savory foods. The costs are quite reasonable, making it ideal for budget travelers. You can usually get pizza pieces here, but I recommend getting a burek, a local puff pastry treat stuffed with minced meat or cheese. It typically goes well with yogurt (which can also be bought there, usually). Therefore, for roughly three euros, you may sample something local. Isn’t that a steal? Good luck!

Which of these Zagreb restaurants do you wish to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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