Where To Eat In Prescott, Arizona | 15 Top Restaurants In Prescott, Arizona

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Prescott, Arizona is a historic and culturally significant city. With a population of over 40,000 people, this historic capital of the Arizona Territory is set in a naturally diversified location with mountains, granite hills, lakes, and rivers. Several of the greatest places to dine in Prescott may be found inside its Wild West background and historic town center.

With hundreds of Victorian houses, over 800 National Register of Historic Places listings, and the iconic Whiskey Row, it’s only logical to think that many of Prescott’s greatest restaurants will be maintaining this legacy even today.

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15 Must-Try Prescott, Arizona Restaurants

The Palace Saloon and Restaurant

928-541-1996120 South Montezuma St.

The Palace, one of America’s Top 10 Historic Bars, the oldest Arizona restaurant, and the longest-running saloon in Prescott, delivers the greatest steak in the area. Before proceeding to Tombstone, see where Virgil Earp and Doc Holliday celebrated.

The antique doors, which were reconstructed following a fire in 1900, provide a look into the past. Take in the self-contained museum as you go through the front of the bar into the eating area.

The ladies of the evening and the bookkeeper’s quarters are just up the stairs (false front, dont worry).

For a mournful moment, remember the nineteen Granite Mountain HotShot firefighters who died in the Yarnell Fire in 2013.

Everything you order at this Prescott fine dining establishment is going to be good.

Appetizers include onion rings, prawns, beef bits, and brussel sprouts. If you’re still stuck for ideas, try the two braised beef tacos. Although there is a soup of the day, the corn chowder with bacon is a house favorite. The pre-entre menu is completed with four salad selections.

My all-time favorite dish is the Cattleman’s Filet Mignon, which is served with market veggies, grilled asparagus, and either the baked potato (with all the fixings) or the red skin mashed potatoes. I have no space for buns, appetizers, or dessert since there is so much food.

I suggest the grilled prawns prosciutto, the Palace corn chowder, the Rough Rider ribeye, and the sauted wild mushrooms for individuals who want to combine their proteins.

If you’re in Prescott, you could go to The Palace every day and eat something new. Nonetheless, there are many more excellent restaurants in Prescott, Arizona, so make time for them.

Lone Spur Cafe

W Gurley St. 928-445-8202106 W Gurley St.

The Lone Spur, just across the street from Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza, is my absolute favorite location to eat my morning steak (aka The Square).

It’s a terrific location to meet with friends before touring if you’re visiting, or before work if you’re not. It’s open from 6:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. The cowboy decor and music immediately put you at ease, and it’s easy to picture yourself ordering meals from Cookie while on a cattle drive.

Ribeye Steak and Eggs is my go-to order. Breakfast is provided with hash browns and lunch is served with French fries. If desired, serve with Texas toast. Delicious.

Vegans should request a Vegetable Burger or an Avocado BLT without the bacon. The waitresses are highly knowledgeable about food allergies and preferences.

The Chorizo Scramble, with chorizo sausage, green chilis, green onion, melted jack and cheddar cheese, salsa, and sour cream served with potatoes and choice of bread, is the most popular meal order.

Try the Cowboy Benedict, which consists of two biscuits covered with smoked ham and two basted eggs, drenched in country gravy and served with potatoes.


Miller Valley Road.

One of the healthiest eateries in Prescott is also one of the tiniest. Tables for four are crammed into the available space, and the queue forms early. You are welcome to join anybody who has an extra seat at their table.

Their cuisine reflects their emphasis on clean, contemporary food that is obtained locally.

Although the Caesar and house salads are always available, many of the other menu items vary often. They often offer four or five salads with conventional add-ons like as turkey, chicken, a burger patty, bacon, or avocado.

They normally offer five or six sandwiches on the menu, including burgers, Reubens, and the BiGA Club.

If I’m the last one to arrive at the table, I’ll go for the BiGA Burger in a heartbeat. It’s a hand-pressed patty with sliced caramelized onions from Arizona, Arizona lettuce, and basil aioli. If you like, they can add cheddar cheese.

My favorite vegan is pleased with the variety of options available here. She tasted the Grilled Avocado with puffed quinoa, house-smoked local tomato, market roasted chile aioli, sunflower seeds, and pickled carrots in a sherry honey reduction on our previous visit.

Then there’s the Farm to Fork Spring Risotto with smoked local tomato, Brussel sprouts, toasted garlic, pickled market carrot, sliced fennel, and local spinach pesto, which holds the cheese.

Others in our company appreciated the Corned Beef Reuben on handmade rye bread with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing, as well as the Sherry Braised Lamb Shank with a local parsnip apple mash, beet top gremolata, slow-roasted market veggies, and cremini lamb sauce.

BiGA, one of the greatest restaurants in Prescott, makes it simple to eat properly.

The Raven Caf

N Cortez St. (928) 717-0009142 N Cortez St.

The Raven Caf soon establishes itself as a popular destination for cuisine, beverages, and nightly entertainment. Prescotts Gathering Place is a fitting name for this establishment.

Its emphasis on organic espresso and a creative menu with organic and locally produced goods makes reducing your carbon footprint a breeze.

First and foremost, there is the cuisine. Many discussions here focus around the beverages, whether it’s artisan beer or organic espresso. This restaurant may provide more vegan and gluten-free options than any other in town. The jackfruit tacos and cauliflower tacos are very popular.

My go-to foods for non-vegans include the Raven burger, salmon, and Wahoo Fish Tacos.

These fish tacos come on a lengthy dish and are little. These don’t seem to be that full, but they are and wind up being about ideal for a lunch meal. If you’re extremely hungry, go for the larger burger or salmon.

The Raven is not only one of the greatest restaurants in Prescott, but it also has excellent entertainment.

You may enjoy excellent beer deals and simply hang out with your pals beginning with Trivia Monday and Cinema Tuesday. Drink deals are available on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and live music is available with your dinner and beverages on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday brunch is served from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and includes a bottomless mimosa.

It’s a good time. It’s natural. It’s also one of the top restaurants in downtown Prescott.


The phone number is 928-445-4044 and the address is 201 N Cortez St.

Murphys is located three blocks from Courthouse Square in a historic structure.

The mahogany bar is almost a century old and has been painstakingly cleaned by bartenders both then and today. It’s ideal for Sunday champagne brunches and special events, as well as happy hour, lunch, and supper.

Seafood, pecan-encrusted brie, and sautéed mushrooms are among their starters.

Murphy Dip, shredded prime rib with Swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms on a hoagie bread, garnished with au jus and creamy horseradish, is one of four salads and seven sandwiches available.

Entrees also include four burgers, one of which is a construct your own, steak, catfish, and half a rotisserie chicken.

Although other meals have enticed me, I always return to their salmon. It comes with a balsamic tomato relish, which I like, but you can also have it with a honey mustard sauce.

Their burgers and steaks are delicious, and the combination of these things makes them one of the top restaurants in Prescott.

The Cantina at the Office

N Cortez St. (928) 445-1211128 N Cortez St.

Mrs. Jones, no, she’s at The Office. Can I assist you? While your office staff may not be able to protect you for long if people discover that this office is a great restaurant just a few blocks down from the Courthouse Square, you can enjoy a great meal, dessert, specialty margaritas, or soft drinks while watching sports and getting away from it all for an hour or more.

With some of the greatest Mexican cuisine in Prescott, the southern tastes and vibrant environment make this a great location to escape the midday heat.

We make it a point to begin with dessert.

Their fried ice cream is unrivaled in town. A big serving, ideal for two or three people, with whipped cream and a crispy crust around the frozen vanilla ice cream makes for a delectable treat at any time of day.

If you aren’t going out to eat, you may want to keep the whole dish for yourself.

To begin, try their Nachos Grande, which are freshly cooked corn chips topped with spinach con queso, olives, pico de gallo, green chilis, green onion, and your choice of black beans, machaca beef, chicken, or pork.

They’re famous for their catfish bites, although most people like it in their fish and chips.

Chile Rellenos, filled roasted Anaheim peppers with shredded cheddar, shredded jack, roasted red peppers, green onions, and your choice of chicken or pork, are a family favorite, served with red, green, or con queso sauces.

Guadalajara Sliders, three mini-burgers drizzled with raspberry BBQ sauce and topped with caramelized onion, are also available.

Machaca Tacos are my personal favorite. I’ll even get them to go for lunch the following day.

Although I like chicken, they also have beef or carnitas meat, as well as shredded cabbage, a two-cheese blend, pico de gallo, and avocado aioli. The cilantro garlic fries are so satisfying that you may consider freezing some to reheat later.

This is one of the greatest places to dine in Prescott because of their daily specials. Every day of the week, you can have a great, festive time at the Office, making it the finest Mexican restaurant in Prescott.

The Blue Gato

W Goodwin St. 928-445-1070316 W Goodwin St.

Tapas are the specialty of this eatery. From 3 to 6 p.m., they provide the finest happy hour in town.

In nice weather, relax along the stream and watch the wind dance over the water. Just be cautious when the wind picks up. The heaters have a history of blowing over.

El Gato Azul’s owner is one of the most charitable people in town. We had our first supper there after I won gift vouchers at a charity event. The most commonly discussed and recommended dish is the sticky chicken.

There are seven salads, various wraps, crepes, quesadillas, and croissants available.

But, the spotlight swiftly shifts to the tapas. There are options for seafood, vegetarian, beef, hog, and chicken. Close your eyes and envision yourself in joyful Madrid, from crab cakes and Santa Fe shrimp to lamb kebabs and fried avocado.

When available, try the Parmesan Salmon, Chipotle BBQ Ribs, or Harvest Duck for a complete supper.

The servers are knowledgeable about allergies. Salad is the greatest option for celiacs. The fried goat cheese salad is ideal for vegetarians. Whichever you choose, this is one of the greatest spots in Prescott for exquisite dining.

That Platter of Apples

W Gurley St. (928) 445-8323510 W Gurley St.

As you go in, you think how long the owner must have been a teacher, with all of the apple and antique décor. It’s a cozy establishment where everyone knows your name and where chalkboards announce the daily deals.

Choose the speciality cinnamon buns, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and gravy, or biscuits and gravy.

The three-egg omelet is available in twelve different varieties, including a vegetarian one.

Their Apple Mary is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. These crepes, which resemble thin pancakes and are topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar, are difficult to forget.

Want something savory? Choose between apple-filled crepes with bacon, ham, or sausage. The menu is completed with French toast and breakfast sandwiches, as well as a daily breakfast special.

Hot and cold sandwiches, soups, and salads are available for lunch.

By far my favorite takeout meal is their roast beef sandwich with French fries. It’s warm, lean meat that’s been expertly seasoned and is incredibly satisfying.

They have six different burgers to choose from. Can’t make up your mind? You can have a half-sandwich and a cup of homemade soup.

There’s something for everyone seeking for cuisine in Prescott, whether it’s a BLT, grilled cheese, triple-decker club, roast beef melt, tuna melt, pastrami Rueben, or Prescott Mile High Melt.

Park Plaza Liquor & Deli is a liquor store and deli.

W Goodwin St.

This oddly titled eatery is one of the finest in Prescott for takeout.

In, order your meal, and then shop the liquor store for your evening beverage of choice, with rows upon rows of beer, wine, and spirits.

They also carry cigars, but I’m happy to say that I’ve never been exposed to them while eating there. The east half of the building’s patio is a designated smoking area, but this hasn’t stopped people from enjoying the other outside terrace.

You may even spend the night there, either inside or on one of the terraces. You may drink your booze with your food. For alcohol bought on-site, there is no corkage cost.

Its wood-fired pizzas, baked soft pretzels, salads, and burgers are well-known. Every day, they create their own dough and mozzarella cheese on-site. You’ll appreciate their fried cheese curds if you’re from the upper Midwest.

One of their most popular salads is the chicken and apple salad, which is served with an apple cider vinaigrette.

The wood-fired mac-n-cheese, a cavatappi pasta topped with parmesan garlic bread crumbs and a handmade cheese sauce, is cooked in a cast-iron dish in their wood-fired oven. It’s a crowd pleaser.

If you like bacon, it’s worth the additional $3 to have it added. It’s ideal for following a trek up Thumb Butte.

Chicken tenders, pita pizza, and grilled cheese are among the items on their For The Kids Only menu.

The Ol Avocado sandwich on a gluten-free bread is a popular vegan food. I recommend the raspberry chipotle turkey club with a gluten-free bread instead of the sourdough.

They organize wine and beer matching dinners on a weekly basis. For more information, visit their Facebook page, as well as this fantastic restaurant in Prescott.

The Dining Room of the Peacock

928-777-9563122 E Gurley Street #3899

Immerse yourself with an Art Deco flair at The Hassayampa Inns Peacock Dining Room.

It’s only a block from the Yavapai County Courthouse Square, making it one of the most accessible spots in town to meet family or friends for any meal, or even to attend a high tea on the fourth Sunday of the month.

The pub has live music every night, making it one of the top spots to visit in Prescott.

With their basic French onion soup as well as a soup of the day, and five salads to pick from, youll find something to adore.

The Peacock Salad with chicken, apples, cranberries, toasted walnuts, and raspberry vinaigrette is my particular favorite. But, the grilled pear salad is an excellent substitute.

Shrimp cocktail, Rueben, Monte Cristo, and a crispy shrimp and avocado Caesar wrap are among lunchtime favorites. Yet, you can’t go wrong with fish and chips or a local burger.

Everything is dependent on how full you want to be when you leave. It’s pretty unusual to hear folks say they need to be rolled out after eating.

Salmon, steak, and surf and turf are popular dinner options.

A house salad (they may swap a house vinaigrette for the blue cheese vinaigrette), 6-ounce filet mignon cooked to your specifications, baked potato, and seasonal veggies are among the most popular dinners.

You may need to take a stroll around the lobby to make space for dessert.

If you want something lighter, the Atlantic Salmon with cranberry-pinon quinoa and seasonal veggies is a great option.

They serve a slow-roasted prime rib on Friday and Saturday evenings. Nevertheless, you must there early or they will be sold out. Some even phone ahead to ensure availability.

Leave some space for dessert. Many are worth mentioning. Flourless chocolate decadence and crme brulee are gluten-free possibilities.

The menu also includes a berry tart, lemon Italian cake, bread pudding, and sugar-free coconut cream pie. This restaurant is one of the finest in Prescott for exquisite dining.

Farm Supplies

Phone: (928) 776-3001148 N Montezuma St.

In 2018, Prescott’s long-awaited farm-to-table restaurant finally opened its doors. Its outside seating is equipped with heaters and weather protection, allowing it to be utilized nine to ten months of the year. The sustainable solutions in this chef’s capable hands are a winning combination.

Begin with light bites such as deep-fried deviled Arizona eggs with maple peppered bacon jam and sriracha crème fraiche.

Try the Charred Heirloom Cauliflower with roasted red pepper hummus, crunchy chickpeas, pickled jalapeos, and citrus herb vinaigrette for a Vegan option.

Typically, two soups and five salads are served. Tacos with meat, vegetables, or battered walleye are available. And not your grandmother’s chicken pot pie.

All of my favorites are on their Land & Sea menu. The most sustainable fish in town, served with organic quinoa with local squash, grilled asparagus, roasted fennel salad, and a charred Arizona sweet pepper coulis.

Their FARM Steaks, which are among the finest in town, come with roasted garlic whipped potatoes, grilled asparagus, an Arizona red wine demi-glace, wild mushrooms, and fresh herbs. My personal favorite is the eight-ounce filet.

Don’t forget to try the unique beverages. They provide the greatest vegan and gluten-free selections in town. They now provide a children’s menu with five options for youngsters aged 12 and younger. Searching for a fantastic place to eat in Prescott? That’s all there is to it.

Dons of Tacos

624 Miller Valley Rd., (928) 778-6246 (closed Sundays).

This is the place to go in Prescott if you want a terrific, home-style Mexican lunch.

You have the choice of ordering take-out or eating in. My favorite item from the drive-through was their two chicken taquitos with no garnish. The ideal small supper before going back to work.

When it came to family meals, however, when we remained to dine, all bets were off. Each servings were easily enough to serve two people.

The Chimichanga Combination, which is filled with succulent carne asada, is usually a crowd pleaser. The combination consists of an enchilada-style deep-fried tortilla topped with guacamole and sour cream. The chile relleno dish is very delicious. There has never been a terrible lunch there.

Taco Dons is a great option for casual eating in Prescott.

Rosas Pizza Restaurant

928-445-7400330 West Gurley St.

Rosas, a neighborhood Italian staple, offers a variety of options, including gluten-free options, that are both full and tasty.

I’ve never been to Sicily, so I’ll take their word for it that this is genuine Sicilian, or southern Italian, cuisine. I can assure you that I have never tasted a meal that I did not like.

This popular Prescott Italian restaurant has something for everyone on its menu, which includes anything from pasta to sandwiches to, of course, pizza.

Although I prefer gluten-free options, my friends and family love the baked ziti, homemade meat lasagna (no sausage! ), and fettuccine alfredo.

Leave some space for dessert. You can’t go wrong with anything from the hand-filled cannoli or gelato to the gluten-free chocolate cake.

If it reads Rosas Specialty on the menu, it’s a tried-and-true dish that has endured the test of time.

Waffles & More

(CASH ONLY) 1365 W Iron Springs Rd.

This breakfast hot spot in the town strip mall is a local waffle favorite.

There are numerous tables outdoors for when the weather is nice. Although getting a wheelchair through the front entrance is difficult, there is a wheelchair-accessible door around the corner.

Please bear in mind that they do not take credit cards at this time. Keep some cash on hand.

This family-owned and run restaurant has been a Prescott favorite for 30 years.

Enter the restaurant and wait to be seated at a table or booth. Breakfast items on the menu range from the popular waffles with fruit or other toppings, biscuits and gravy, to chicken fried chicken, eggs, potatoes, and even avocado for a healthy option.

Delicious meal. Excellent customer service. Prices are reasonable. It’s worth a visit to discover why this is one of the best restaurants in Prescott.

Beijing Botanical Gardens

Willow Creek Road, Ste 105, 928-778-52761042 Willow Creek Rd, Ste 105

Lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant!

The proprietor is happy to replace the ingredients and, if they are available, will modify the recipe to your specifications. That was General Tsao’s chicken for me. By substituting celery and carrots for the onions and bell peppers, the meal became tangier.

With the entree and rice, lunch specials include a few fried wontons and a tiny soup. If you want white rice, request it expressly. Fried rice and white rice are also offered.

They provide egg rolls, fried wontons, potstickers, and crab puffs as appetizers. Their meats for your entree include beef, chicken, pig, and fish, all presented with a selection of veggies and sauces. They also have a few vegetarian options.

They are open for a few hours in the middle of the day and a few hours in the evening to serve lunch and supper. On Sundays, they are closed. In Prescott, are you looking for Asian food? You’ve come to the right place.

Which of these Prescott, Arizona restaurants do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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