Where to Get the Best Barbecue in Jackson Mississippi | The 6 Greatest BBQ Restaurants in Jackson MS

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When you walk along its tree-lined streets, you can feel the essence of Jackson, Mississippi, which promotes itself as the City with Soul.

But you can taste it when you go to one of the city’s numerous barbecue establishments and order this scrumptious southern favorite.

There are several wonderful places in Jackson that serve BBQ. There are fantastic ribs, chicken, and sandwiches available. Yet, like with any supper, the cuisine will be determined by what you enjoy (or dislike).

If you’re seeking for locations that offer amazing barbecue, stay reading to uncover my top six6 must-try barbecue venues!

Jackson, Mississippi’s Best Barbecue

The Pig and the Pint

+160132660703139 N. State St., Jackson, Mississippi 39216, USA

When The Pig & Pint opened in 2015, its delicious cuisine has drawn visitors to the city. Their primary premise is to provide barbecue in the shape of baby back ribs, pulled pork, brisket, or smoked chicken, with a variety of sauces and sides to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

Sandwich options such as the fried green tomato BLT are appealing. After you depart, you’ll regret not having enough stomach space to sample more things. From top to bottom, the institution exudes southern charm. Check out their beer menu.

I had a delicious supper! Everything was cooked and smoked to perfection, which I appreciated. The mood was easygoing and comfortable. The staff was kind and engaged us in great conversation.

They gave detailed suggestions as well as a superb, broad selection of local brews. Simply simply, words cannot adequately describe this location. You must go and explore on your own.

The quantities are really substantial, but the cost is not what you would expect for this kind of lunch, so come hungry! Eating here a few times a week, on the other hand, is not pricey since the prices are all more than affordable.

My companion had the bacon melt with brisket and pig belly, while I got the fried green tomato BLT. My BLT was fresh off the grill. That was delectable. I tried to eat the greens as a side dish, but it was too much for me. My friend ate his meal swiftly.

I wholeheartedly suggest the site. The cuisine was excellent. The staff was kind, and the service was prompt. Try it for the finest Barbecue in Jackson, Mississippi!

E&L Barbecue

+160135550351111 Bailey Avenue, Jackson, Mississippi 39203, USA

Despite its unfashionable location, E & L Barbecue is well-known for its superb BBQ. You should make your choice before approaching the ordering line at this cafeteria-style restaurant, since they will rush you through.

Their speciality is ribs and sauce, which you may buy by the quart or gallon if you choose.

Do not judge a book by its cover or even how it seems inside the room when you first enter it. The eating experience is relaxed and unpretentious. After putting your order at the register, you will be phoned when it is completed.

They were, however, out of the pulled pork, which I was excited to try. So I had the rib tips with potato salad and the chicken wings with fries instead. Everything was fantastic! Both the spicy sauce and the barbecue sauce given with the ribs were delicious! The chicken wings were cooked to perfection; they were crispy at first but softened when covered with sauce.

If you travel a lot, you know that the best cuisine doesn’t necessarily come from the most attractive places, and E & L Barbecue is just another example of this rule in action. So, if you’re in the area, go check it out! It’s one of the greatest BBQ joints in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Woodhouse Grill Bar & Lounge

+176920821244559 Office Park Dr., Jackson, Mississippi 39206, USA

Woodhouse Grill may not seem to be much on the outside, but it soon rises to the top of the list of the finest BBQ in Jackson Mississippi. Woodhouse doesn’t need white tablecloths to promote itself, owing to a constantly changing menu that keeps diners on the edge of their seats and rushing in to get the latest products before they run out.

They have great smoked meat selections and constantly include new varieties. You’ll keep going back since the cuisine speaks for itself and the environment in the little eating area is friendly. Jackson is famous for its barbecue and sports, and Woodhouse is a great place to watch the big game.

We had the rib plate and the plate with the sausage sandwich. I love ribs, and these were without a doubt the best I’ve ever eaten. The side sauce was really delicious. A little heat and vinegar. Wonderful! The sausage was delicious. The bun was created with just the right quantity of bread, and the smoked pork tasted fantastic.

The ribs were amazing in every way! Some people who are new with barbecue assume that if you gaze at it for too long, the flesh will fall off the bone, yet these are juicy and soft. If you don’t want an overpowering smoky taste, white or post oak is the way to go since it lets the meat shine. Outside, there are white oak mounds.

As sides, we had Mac & cheese, baked beans, green beans, and coleslaw. The rib plate was accompanied with a roll. The owners go above and above and are really courteous and helpful. Overall, this was a terrific restaurant with the finest BBQ in Jackson, Mississippi!

Gator Jrs to the Rescue

N. Siwell Rd., Jackson, Mississippi 39212, USA +160157386624556

Jacksons Gator Jr.s to Go delivers some of Jackson MS’s greatest Barbecue. Its spacious dining room provides huge servings of saucy meats and other traditional delicacies. Gator Jrs to Go takes great pride in offering wonderful comfort food and exceptional Barbecue in a warm, family-style environment.

Their team has years of expertise creating handcrafted sauces and house-smoked Barbecue dishes. From salad to smokey Barbeque, their food caters to all tastes. Taste their burgers, delicious smoked pork, sandwiches, and grilled chicken wings!

This location was fantastic. It’s incredible that they remain open until everything is sold, and the service is excellent.

There are no call-ins since the service is so speedy. It works despite the weird hours. We had their spicy chicken on a stick and chips with BBQ sauce. The fries were deliciously seasoned!

Restaurant Bullys Soul Cuisine

+160136204843118 Livingston Rd, Jackson, Mississippi 39213, USA

Bullys Restaurant is similar to your southern mother’s cooking, but with regular neighborhood invites. You’ll find a pleasant and welcoming environment here, as well as reasonable rates, quantity, and service.

Instead of opulent rooms, anticipate delicious southern soul cuisine and barbecue, such as ribs, beef tips, and fried catfish. In addition, they provide handmade sweet tea, like any respectable Southern diner should. As soon as you arrive and see the crowded parking lot, you know this is a local favorite and a must-stop.

We were excited to visit this restaurant and support a local family-run company. The staff was quite pleasant. Even though our order was right, it took them a few attempts to figure it out. The food was delicious.

I swooned over the wrapped pork chop, which was as tender as melted butter. The turnips and mustard greens were crisp yet firm, with a smokey taste. The mashed potatoes were out of this world. When they ask, “Roll or cornbread?” please order the cornbread. It’s not excessively sweet, and it’s not cake; it’s authentic cornbread, made with real corn meal.

Beef tips were also on the menu. Fried okra, mac and cheese, and greens were among the delicacies offered to my buddy. We ate quickly since I had missed lunch and we were both hungry. In my view, anybody searching for the greatest BBQ in Jackson Mississippi should go to Bullys.

The Hickory Pit

Canton Mart Rd., Jackson, Mississippi 39211, United States +160195670791491

Hickory Pit has earned multiple honors for the quality of its BBQ over the years, and this pleasant, family-run, modest cafe simply keeps going strong.

When you arrive, if the proprietors are around and servicing clients, they will graciously welcome you inside straight immediately. You may order your que as a sandwich or a platter, and the restaurant also serves Brunswick stew, which is more common in the Mid-Atlantic area, and a po-boy sandwich.

Don’t miss out on their carrot and coconut cakes, which are particularly well-known for their delectability.

I can attest to the sandwich and plate, but the pulled pork is my personal favorite. They also have terrific sweet potato fries and giant, fat beer-battered onion rings, and their beans are tasty.

At the table, you have a choice of three sauces: Hot is a brilliant red sauce with pepper flakes and cumin; moderate is a smokey sauce that tastes great; and sweet is quite thin and tastes nearly like maple syrup. All three sauces are fantastic, but my buddy stated, This meat is so amazing that you dont even need sauce.

Furthermore, try the Hot on the onion rings; it’s excellent. It’s not fancy, which I like. Still, the Barbeque here is fantastic. Even among the other restaurants mentioned here, this is the greatest Barbecue in Jackson, Mississippi.

Final Thoughts on Where to Get the Finest Barbecue in Jackson, Mississippi

Barbeque restaurants are the finest locations to gather with friends and family. Nothing beats a good barbecue with friends or a dinner prepared by your favorite chef. It is often the most ideal option for folks to enjoy significant events and vacations with their loved ones. Check out these barbecue places in Jackson the next time you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned BBQ!

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