Where To Get The Finest Fish And Chips In London | 5 Must-Try Spots!

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Fish and chips are a must-try while visiting London, since more than 250 million fish and chips meals are served in the UK each year. So where in London can you get the greatest fish and chips? In this article, I’ve collaborated with some of my fellow hungry travel blogger pals to highlight our favorite spots to visit for London fish and chips.

But first, did you know that fish and chips are not the official national food of the United Kingdom? Even though we think of it as distinctly British, chicken tikka masala is the official national dish.

Additionally, did you know there is considerable debate over the dish’s origins? Many think the meal originated in the north of the nation, with the first fish and chips being sold at Mossley market in Lancashire about 1863. Some say that in 1860, a Jewish immigrant in East London was the first to offer the famed dish.

Yet, regardless of who initially sold the meal, it has since grown popular with practically everyone, and everyone has a favorite method to consume it. Do you season it with vinegar and salt? If so, should I start with salt or vinegar? Are you dipping yours in ketchup, tartar sauce, mayonnaise, or even chippy sauce in certain regions of the world? Do you like haddock or cod? Do you order the scraps (additional crunchy pieces) with your order?

Whatever your preferred method of consumption, no trip to London would be complete without at least one plate of the omnipresent meal, so weve compiled this guide to ensure you discover the greatest fish and chips store in London!

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Top 5 Must-See Spots in London for the Finest Fish & Chips

Fish in the Borough Market

+44 20 7407 3803 Borough Market, Cathedral St

Fish! has great space in Borough Market, London’s biggest food market. If you choose, serve the beer-battered fish with mashed (mushy) peas and tartar sauce on the side.

Fish! is so amazing that they were crowned the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards winner. You may choose between haddock, cod, or hake, but they’re all served with a large portion of chips.

The queue outside the store is generally rather lengthy, but it passes swiftly. However, there isn’t much seating, so get yours for takeout and go around the remainder of the excellent market, browsing the vendors.

Lisson Grove’s Sea Shell

+44 20 7224 900049-51 The Lisson Grove

Teresa of Brogan Abroad recommended it.

Despite the fact that fish and chips is a typical British meal par excellence, it is difficult to locate a top quality fish and chips restaurant in London. That’s why I was overjoyed when I discovered The Sea Shell of Lisson Grove in Marylebone!

They have been providing classic fish and chips for almost 60 years and have an excellent reputation in London. The shop’s beginnings really trace back to just after World War I, when they began selling grilled fish as a small company. They’ve changed a lot since then.

The restaurant is divided into two halves, which may nearly be considered two independent restaurants. One section is meant for traditional sit-down dining, while the other is geared for take-out, with high tables and a small patio where you can have a fast snack.

You may order any kind of fish from their menu, and everything is prepared to order. Traditional fish and chips are usually cod, although many people prefer the more strong taste of haddock.

The chip amount is really generous, and one part may easily be split by two individuals. Personally, I usually add a generous amount of salt and vinegar, as well as a side of tartar sauce. Their tartar sauce is created from scratch and really excellent!

The Genuine Greek

Several Places

Michelle of Greedy Gourmet recommended it.

Everyone in London has a hidden location where they believe serves the greatest fish and chips. If you were to engage a discussion with your closest London friends, everyone would have a distinct explanation and reason for why their location is the finest. Yet, the fish and chips at Real Greek are unlike any other, and you won’t find them on other menus.

While a Greek restaurant may seem to be an unusual option at first, I assure you that you will not be disappointed. The Authentic Greek restaurant is a winner when it comes to offering quality above budget. They offer some of the greatest fish and chips in London, and the atmosphere of this energetic and busy Mediterranean-style restaurant is unrivaled. This same enthusiasm and excitement may be seen in the cuisine.

You’ll sense the unmistakable freshness of the fish right away. This Mediterranean restaurant is known for its high-quality fish, and you can expect nothing less. You won’t be able to stop at just one piece, because to the wonderful and crunchy batter. If you’re still hungry, they also provide a variety of finger snacks and local specialties.

Muswell Hill toffs

+44 20 8883 865638 Muswell Hill High Street

Faye of Delve Into Europe recommended it.

I used to reside on the first floor in an apartment with a view of Muswell Hill Broadway. The distinct fragrance of fish and chips would float in from the street whenever I opened the living room window. Toffs of Muswell Hill, a restaurant that has been named Fish & Chip Shop of the Year, is my next-door neighbor.

Toffs is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and many consider it to be the greatest chippy in North London. The standard pieces of fish are usually enormous, and the big is much too large for me (but not for my husband).

The chips have always been excellent, being both substantial and light. Several restaurants in East Finchley provide good fish and chips, but Toffs’ is the greatest because they’ve perfected it into an art form. They also cook in refined ground nut oil, which is changed on a regular basis.

Its takeout menu has all of the British staples, including cod, haddock, and plaice. They also offer skate and rock eel, which is uncommon outside of London. Everything tastes better with salt and vinegar, the traditional British condiments. Even from 10,000 miles away, I can occasionally smell Toffs cooking.

Fish and chips from Poppies

Several Places

Noel of Travel Photo Discoveries recommended it.

Poppys in London’s East End is one of the greatest locations to get wonderful fish and chips. They are well-known and ranked as one of the greatest fish and chips places in London, serving everything fresh, hot, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I like how crisp and moist the fish was. It had a significant influence on the overall flavor and texture of the fish and fries.

Poppys’ interior is beautifully adorned with antique diner artifacts. Waiters dressed in vintage diner attire enhanced the whole eating experience. Retro interior elements include jukeboxes, 50s artifacts, and banquet seating, as well as groovy music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It contributed a lot to the whole atmosphere and experience.

Poppies in the East End is a must-visit if you want to enjoy an excellent fish and chip experience. Check out my article on a cuisine tour of London’s East End, which includes a stop to Poppies for some delicious fish and chips.

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