Zipolite’s Thirteen Top Restaurants: Where to Dine in Zipolite, Oaxaca

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Zipolite is a low-key beach resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast, straddling two rocky headlands. The region is popular with surfers and sunbathers both because of its long, sandy beach and high surf.

At the center Colonia Roca Blanca, a stretch of thatch-roofed cafés and bars backs up to the beach, while a cluster of stores sells artisan items.

Colonia Roca Blanca is a neighboring community. Because of the absence of restrictions and law enforcement, it is regarded as a nudist beach. This gorgeous area is known for its serenity, squinting sunrises, and vivid orange sunsets.

With hippy vibes and a bare length of beach, here is where backpackers, budget travelers, and those looking to disconnect from the rest of the world come to relax.

This laid-back seaside town offers something for everyone and is perfectly placed in the state of Oaxaca, with so many fascinating indoor and outdoor attractions nearby.

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Zipolite’s Top Thirteen Restaurants

Zipolite not only has the most gorgeous beaches in the world, but it is also a fantastic spot to eat. Open-air fresh seafood and meat sellers, fruit kiosks, bakery carts, and snack bars selling fresh oysters, empanadas, and other items are all available.

Zipolite eateries are fantastic and reasonably priced! Zipolite is the place to go for superb seafood and authentic Oaxacan cuisine. Swim in the Pacific Ocean and then dine while watching the sunset.

This list will assist you in locating the top Zipolite eateries.

The Alquimista

+529585878961 Way to Shambala Roca Blanca Zipolitea

Beautiful location, view, and cuisine. The restaurant has a great cuisine with a lot of diversity, as well as an exceptional drink list. The staff is usually kind and eager to propose some delicious food.

From appetizer to dessert, the cuisine is dependably superb. The menu includes local cuisine, such as homemade pasta, fish, and foreign fare like as burgers, a large selection of pizzas prepared in their brick oven, and salads.

A wonderful dining experience with excellent service, a seat in the beach at sunset, the sounds of the surf slamming against the adjacent cliffs, and delectable food and beverages What more could you ask for? Look no farther if you want to enjoy amazing meals right on the beach! El Alquimista has everything covered!

Café Orale

+529581177129C. las Casitas, Playa Zipolite, Arroyo Tres, 70947

Tired of going to the same breakfast spots every day?

This is the ideal present for you. Zipolite has a hidden treasure named Orale Café. They provide fantastic meals, provide excellent service, and are set in a lovely garden. You’ll nearly think you’re in the forest!

The finest aspect is that their French toast is commonly recognized as the best among Zipolite eateries for breakfast.

This restaurant has long been associated with Zipolite’s greatest cuisine. It serves an incredible breakfast with a wide range of unusual and tasty meals such as French toast, quiches, omelets, baguettes, and Mexican breakfasts with eggs.

Many folks return for more. It is produced using fresh, local ingredients to provide you with a delightful and unforgettable experience. Prices are quite low; residents claim this is because they import their own items from the mainland, avoiding the exorbitant local costs.

The Provision

+529581009234 Zipolite, Calle Shambala Colonia, Av. Roca Blanca, 70902

Welcome to La Providencia if you want to enjoy amazing music and a nice environment. A fresh idea in a new venue gives its clients Zipolite’s most unique and exciting scenarios.

Enjoy a lovely restaurant with a variety cuisine that caters to all tastes, and cooks that will thrill you with the finest of the area. Salads through desserts, as well as a vast range of meat, fish, and vegetarian meals, can be found at La Providencia.

They are a restaurant with many years of experience, distinguished by their commitment to their clients by providing them with exceptional service, tasty cuisine, and a welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy your favorite foods.

It is the hippest restaurant in town, with a large parking lot and an open kitchen. Get away from formal dinners for a night out with a drink and an appetizer from the menu. Reservations are strongly advised.


Playa Zipolite, 70902 Av. Roca Blanca s, +529581301330n

Every morning at Kellyko is a great morning to make you smile.

They constantly remember to include the important tiny things, in addition to their warm and courteous service. Delicious breakfast at the end of the cobblestone path in a familiar setting.

One of the must-visit Zipolite restaurants due to their extensive selection of fresh items.

Breakfast is a crucial meal, and Kellyko wants to thrill their visitors by kicking off their day with a great, full breakfast. One of the outstanding meals and a popular among their visitors are the Motuleos Eggs.

Try their Fluffy Pancakes or Artistic Omelets as well. They work hard to ensure that every part of their visitors’ experience is wonderful and that they feel at ease.

La Castelet’s

Roca Blanca Avenue, Playa Zipolite, 70902

The environment at La Castelet is calm and cozy, and the cuisine is organic, clean, and fresh. Great service that is both pleasant and quick. The costs are reasonable, as are the servings. The restaurant is attractively constructed and extremely clean, and it also has a lovely garden.

Breakfast dishes such as omelets, smoothies, bowls, wonderfully baked pastries, and delectable crepes are available on their menu. In their beautifully quiet green garden, enjoy your morning with their outstanding American coffee.

Green Alma Verde

+52 958 109 5551Av. Roca Blanca 222, 70902 Playa Zipolite

Alma Verde is a restaurant with a distinct and extremely particular personality. Experience a one-of-a-kind experience that mixes nutritious, fresh, and sustainable cuisine with nature.

They are devoted to serving you heartfelt recipes influenced by foreign and traditional cuisine. You may enjoy a comprehensive and tasty vegan and vegetarian meal with your friends and family.

Salads, main courses, desserts, and other foods and beverages are available on the menu.

Alma Verde’s idea is to give an environment where you may live, share, and care for yourself, where friendliness, solidarity, and social well-being are crucial.

As a result, they are encouraging responsible consumption and wellness by making recipes full of love so that you may experience and enjoy yourself in harmony with the environment.

De Franco, Don

+529585843290 Zipolite Beach, 70902 San Pedro Pochutla

Visit DonDe Franco to dine, drink, and explore this quaint spot. Enjoy courteous service and delicious Italian cuisine at a fair price. This modest restaurant provides a delightful eating experience, from their great breakfast to their house-made fresh pasta.

Taste the flavors of Italy with a love for pasta. This bright and airy breakfast, lunch, and supper establishment serves fresh pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and traditional Italian vino. Make sure to explore the wide salad bar for outstanding farm-fresh delicacies including cured meats, cheeses, and stunning seasonal salads.

Thai Mao Mao

Playa Zipolite, 70904 +529581870266n Mangle, C.

Mao Mau Thai Restaurant serves genuine Asian Thai cuisine. Mao strives to provide its visitors with the most traditional and delicious Thai dinner possible, along with polite service.

They also have a happy hour and daily promotions! Their menu includes many old favorites as well as some fascinating new dishes made with the finest ingredients.

This eatery is a true find. The service is warm, quick, and outstanding. The seafood dishes are what made them renowned. You will enjoy a fantastic time in an authentic environment at Mao Mau Thai.


Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca, 70902

Chef Alvaro Navarrete uses fresh ingredients from the sea and local fields to create meals that merge ancient and contemporary culinary traditions at Emilia.

His Octopus with Four Chilis and Dorado with Chili Pesto Sauce are also worth a try. Then, to round off your lunch, order one of his pastry chef’s wife’s excellent desserts. Emilia is a prime example of a fine dining Zipolite restaurant, with its superb French methods, delicate sauces, and robust Mexican ingredients.

Emilia at Zipolite is the place to go if you want to surprise yourself with inventive and excellent food, a menu that changes every three months, all in a delightful ambiance while sipping some of the greatest drinks around!

Tlayudas Tacos and Nicole Tacos

70902 Av. Roca Blanca, Playa Zipolite

Tlayudas y Tacos Nicole’s cooking is genuine and delicious. This is Mexican cuisine, a street fast food establishment that provides quick and friendly service, and the rates are reasonable.

They normally offer a nice selection on the menu, but if you want anything special, this isn’t the spot. This restaurant is ideal if you want a fast, simple, and excellent dinner at a fair price. Appreciate their tacos with a fantastic crispy texture and plenty of meat.

The beef asada, fish, and pollo asado street tacos are delicious and topped with fresh salsa. There are several options. Tacos are little, but this is a fantastic opportunity to taste a couple of them without spending much money. Great Mexican food tastes.


Pelcano, Playa Zipolite, 70904 +529581168045

Bacco was created with the intention of satisfying the palates of guests looking for fusion Mediterranean and Mexican food that combines the finest of several genres.

Its menu has a selection of pizza, spaghetti, and salads. In their cellar, they have the greatest wines from across the globe to go with every meal. If you want to end your dinner with something sweet, their dessert selection is full with delectable alternatives.

Bacco is an art space with a décor that pays tribute to Zipilote and beach life, as well as live music on select evenings.

Bacco transforms into a wonderful spot with a fantastic ambience at night. It’s not only the cuisine or the beverages that make Bacco special; it’s also the people and the environment, which are a blend of innovation and a love of fine dining.

A nice place for casual meals, drinking, or just hanging out. The tapas are tasty, with high-quality ingredients and tastes. Salads sharp with good greens, avocado, and tomatoes, plus inventive additions like chorizo or chicken, are the tastiest.

The Fenice

70904 Zipolite Col. Av. Roca Blanca s, +529581116964n

According to Tripadvisor, this is the greatest pizza in Zipolite and one of the best on the Oaxacan coast. La Fenice gives you a flavor of the Old Country right on the water’s edge.

Watch as the friendly pizza chefs prepare your delicious wood oven pizza by hand. Pick from a large range of classic and traditional Italian pizzas, or create your own with all of your favorite toppings.

Pizzas are made using wheat flour and baked in wood ovens. There are other alternatives, including Marinara, Margherita, and the delectable Pizza Capricciosa. They also provide a variety of vegetarian alternatives.

This meeting spot for your friends and family will bring you delight with tasty cuisine and the greatest music, as well as cooks who put on a spectacular show while cooking your pizza!

Y Pimienta Y Sal

Mexico 175 6274, Playa Zipolite, 70902 Zipolite, +529581200353

Sal y Pimienta is a great alternative for a quiet lunch on the beach, fried fish, grilled shrimp, ceviches, hamburgers, or vegan options. The meal is delicious and authentically Mexican. The lunch special is an excellent value. A nice setting for lunch on the beach, watching the waves come in while enjoying terrific cuisine, excellent service, and a wonderful view. The fish burger is popular among its clientele, and their drinks are delicious.

Expect to wait in line since the area is often highly packed and has limited parking. But the wait will be worthwhile! Excellent cuisine, wonderful service, and really pleasant employees. The prices are reasonable, and the experience is amazing!

Experience the cuisine of Zipolites.

Zipolite’s top restaurants include a few high-profile establishments as well as an abundance of hole-in-the-wall cafes specializing on local street cuisine.

The best Zipolite restaurants are the tales of enthusiastic foodies who are dedicated to providing exceptional service, the freshest products, and the most distinctive culinary creations.

It’s time to uncover Zipolite eateries’ must-try cuisine.

Which of these Zipolite eateries are you going to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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